An overview of Fish Delish

Fish Delish in Montclair is a Great Catch for fish lovers and casual enjoyers alike!

The restaurant expanded what I considered great fish food. I tend to opt for other meats, such as chicken or beef, when I eat out. When I visited Fish Delish, I left with a different perspective that kept me coming back for more.

With shrimp, salmon, cod, red snapper, and more made into sandwiches, salads, and pastas, this place is truly unique.

The taste

First and foremost, you cannot have a fish restaurant without the classics. That's where the Fish N' Chips and Crispy Shrimp with Fries come in.

Andon Bury-Longino

While these are delicious, their strong suits are in the selection of fish sandwiches, using burgers and hot dog buns as the base.

The fish are seasoned well, fresh, and never dry. This added to the texture of these sandwiches is also a huge part of the package.

The bread is incredibly soft, and the cheeses, sauces, and seasonings soak perfectly into the whole sandwich.

My ultimate favorite

I've tried many of the dishes, but my all-time favorites are shrimp dogs and salmon dogs.

This includes four pieces of fried shrimp or salmon, coleslaw, melted cheddar cheese, arugula, and fun sauce, all on a brioche hot dog bun.

Andon Bury-Longino

I do wish the the portions were a little bigger for the price, especially since the taste will always make you want another bite.

To make it more filling, you can get a small side of fries with your order, but again, that adds to the already higher cost compared to the surrounding restaurants.

The ambiance 

Like many interesting restaurants, the experience goes beyond the food. The inside uses a seaside store aesthetic with nice blue paints, natural wood, and wavy metal cladding on the walls and ceiling.

Andon Bury-Longino

The blues are matched with a tasteful amount of blue LED lights, typical white ceiling lighting, and plenty of sunlight during the day. 

The ordering situation

Typically, customers order at the register like a normal fast-food restaurant. Other customers sit down and wait to be helped at their table. The ladder isn't common, and I would recommend against it. This is especially true if you are trying to get the quickest service possible. Regardless, your order will be brought to your seat within 5-10 minutes on average, but it can easily go up at busier times.

New items

The restaurant recently released soups as a Tuesday and Friday special, including flavors like Mediterranean Shrimp Orzo and Cod Delish Soup.

Both soups are veggie-based, with either the shrimp or cod served with a fluffy slice of bread.

Andon Bury-Longino

I'm sad to admit I was not able to try these brand-new dishes, but I look forward to returning just for them! Especially if they can keep their unique taste and preparation going towards a totally new genre of food.

In conclusion

Fish Delish is one of the more unique places I've eaten, with an equally interesting history to match. Its back wall with a mural enlightens viewers about its Croatian origins.

This Montclair location is its first chain in the U.S., and it has ambitious goals to continue growing past its little nestled spot on the street.

If you want a nice new place to eat, Fish Delish is a great catch for anyone itching for fish!

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Fish Delish Owner Vesna Stamm authorized the use of the website, Instagram, and personal images for this review.