When the dog days of summer arrive, I, Miss Bobbie, am going to take that literally. The days shall revolve around me, me, and me. My mother, Maria, is an author here at Spoon University, and I have since stolen her laptop to do my own food review. I am a connoisseur of all treats, from Beggin' Strips and Greenies to fancy chicken jerky and even my own butt. (I am my own treat.) With hot weather coming up, I am excited — nay, elated —  to try the new collaborative Ollie Van Leeuwen dog ice cream. This summer treat is crafted just for me, a dog, with oat milk, coconut cream, peanut butter, and banana. It's limited edition, so of course, I made my mother get it for me ASAP. 

#SpoonTip: Your humans can treat you to some dog treats at these fast food establishments. 

Here's my review of the Ollie Van Leeuwen dog ice cream.

This ice cream was everything I could want in a summer treat. My mother will not share Chocolate Cararmel Cheesecake pint with me and I don't know why. But guess what... I am not sharing my peanut butter banana ice cream with her. (She did try it since it's technically edible for humans, though. I think she will let me keep it to myself.)

The ice cream is not made with milk, instead, it's dairy-free with coconut cream and oat milk. Just like my mother, I do not do well with dairy, but I *love* cheese. It is simply our family curse. 

Photo via Maria Serra

Even with no milk, the frozen treat is creamy, lightly sweetened, and so good. I wish I could eat the whole pint in one sitting. However, I am less than 20 pounds and only get a small scoop a day. Big bummer. But it does cool me off! After all, I am a chihuahua-pug with a gorgeous, but *hot* coat. 

The only way this could better is if it was not ice cream, and instead, a whole rotisserie chicken that I could eat while no one is watching. Bones and all. 

Where can I get the Ollie Van Leeuwen dog ice cream?

The pup ice cream is available at Van Leeuwen scoop shops now, and can also be found at Petco locations nationally and online. Plus, the humans are bringing out the ice cream trucks for us, doggies. Ice cream trucks will be available at the dates and locations below. 

● June 1: New York City, Washington Square Park● June 2: New York City, Union Square● June 8: Los Angeles, Abbot Kinney● July 9: Petco Park in San Diego (ice cream for dogs only)

Find out more info about each event here. Make sure to tell your humans to have your leash and poopie bags ready for a nice day out.