For those who haven’t seen the viral videos on TikTok, Wake-N-Bakery is a cannabis-infused coffee shop and bakery. Last year, I came across Wake-N-Bakery while dog-sitting in Wicker Park, and quickly added the city staple to my college bucket list. Finally, this past Friday, I visited the cannabis wonderland that is Wake-N-Bakery Cannabis Cafe. And let me just say, you’re gonna want to drop whatever you're doing — even if you’re holding an antique vase that has been in your family for generations — and get over to one of their locations immediately. You can thank me in your will.

What is a cannabis-infused coffee shop?

A THC coffee shop and bakery offers a menu of cannabis-infused coffee and THC edibles baked fresh. To enter, you must be 21 years of age and have a form of identification, such as an ID or passport. Just like a regular cafe, you can order from a selection of drinks from coffee to smoothies, but you also choose your infusion levels (the amount of THC in a product) and cannabinoids (the types of strains that typically have different effects on the consumer).

Infusion levels offered at Wake-N-Bakery

To start, please don’t feel pressured to get infused drinks or edibles. You can purchase any drink with 25 milligrams of CBD instead of THC.

That said, they have four infusion levels: “Keep it Basic” at 30 milligrams, “F*** It” at 60 milligrams, “Hell Yeah” at 90 milligrams, and “Double F*** It” at 120 milligrams. Just an idea, but I’m seriously considering naming my firstborn child “F*** It” and my second-born child “Double F*** It.” Do you think I could get a special discount?

What THC cannabinoids do they use?

There are six cannabinoids used across the products at Wake-N-Bakery, each with different anticipated effects on your body.

Delta 9 THC: Elation, relaxation, talkativeness, laughter

Delta 8 THC: Stress relief, anxiety relief, reduced inflammation

THC-O: 3x stronger than dispensary marijuana THC

HHC: Energizing, sharp-minded, cerebral high, relief from muscle aches and pains

THC-P: Psychotropic experience similar to dispensary THC, stimulating

THC-V: Appetite-suppressant, energy, euphoric, uplifting, head-clearing, and focus, with boosted creativity and motivation.

Joelle Stephenson

How to order at Wake-N-Bakery

The baristas, bakers, and cashiers working at Wake-N-Bakery are extremely friendly, so don’t be shy. Ask them any questions that come to mind (related to edibles and infused drinks, that is). I had several questions after perusing the menu, but I finally set my mind on one of their most popular infused drinks, the Strawberry Cough. Once you decide on your drink, you need to select an infusion level. I chose the lowest THC infusion level called “Keep it Basic.” The 30 milligrams of THC was a daunting prospect for someone (wink wink, me) who had nearly been taken down by a five milligrams edible the week, before but the cashier calmed me down. “Just keep the drink in your fridge and drink a couple sips every once in a while,” they said. “The drink lasts in the fridge for like a week or so.” This is exactly what I did because I am a coward.

What’s on the menu?

THC drinks offered at Wake-N-Bakery

Strawberry Cough, the drink I ordered, tasted like I was being wined and dined by an incredibly flirtatious strawberry (it’s made from strawberry, grenadine, and lemonade). Because I’m a huge fan of strawberry-flavored items, this was a plus. In the future, I am interested in trying one of their lemonades, lattes, and teas. I’m salivating just thinking about the Rosebud, Electric Lemonade, Pistachio Latte, Cookies and Cream Latte, and Pink Crush Kush Tea. And if you want a milk alternative in your latte, Wake-N-Bakery has you covered (try the macadamia nut milk).

Freshly baked edibles offered at Wake-N-Bakery

Baked goods, considering the ridiculous speed at which I eat them, should not approach my mouth at any level of infusion. That said, I know several people who enjoy baked edibles. My friend Nick came along as the designated driver, so I bought him a 175 milligrams Rice Crispy Treat as recompense for consuming at a later date. (When he eventually ate it, it helped him realize that he should dress only in denim on denim from now on.) I, for one, am interested in trying the brownie, mini cookies, or even ordering a Custom THC-infused cake and an infused pizza. Yes, you read that right. Wake-N-Bakery has THC-infused pizza available to order on holidays and other special occasions.

Joelle Stephenson

What’s the ambiance of Wake-N-Bakery?

Have you ever put on a pair of kaleidoscope glasses at an EDM festival? The experience standing in the store was exactly as trippy, except I didn’t feel claustrophobic or like I’d been dipped in a vat of my own sweat. The walls are covered in a variety of different cannabis-related designs as well as tons of snazzy stickers. For those looking to save a bit of money, if you bring a sticker to put on the walls of the bakery, you get a discount. Guess who's breaking out those Polly Pocket stickers they’ve been saving since 2007? This girl (me).

Joelle Stephenson

Would I recommend Wake-N-Bakery?

I’m shocked you could even ask me that! I fricken' adored Wake-N-Bakery. The cashiers were beyond patient with me, even though my cannabis ignorance is extreme. There are so many different flavor options, and the great thing about both the edibles and the infused drinks was that in addition to completely covering the THC flavor, everything was so gosh darn tasty. This place deserves some Michelin stars!

I know this picture looks terrible. I don’t even have the excuse of being high. I took this fully sober (as the full drink and unopened Rice Krispy Treat can attest).

Cannabis remains a federally illegal substance in the United States. Possession and consumption depend on your state of residence and your age. Only consume cannabis if you are of legal age and in a state where possession and consumption is legal. The intoxifying effects of cannabis can be delayed and you should not consume cannabis if driving or operating machinery. The information provided in this article is for entertainment and informational purposes only, the accuracy of which has not been verified, and shall not be construed as medical or legal advice.