Through and through, I am a boba girlie. I love to have my little mid-day milk tea after I have my early morning coffee with little tapioca bubbles to boost my serotonin. If you don't want to drive or order from your nearby boba shop every day (I mean, we are on a budget in college and in our mid-20s), you so need to get BOBABAM to stock up in your freezer. Even better, it's all microwaveable and so ideal if you only have a few kitchen appliances in your dorm. I mean, just look at this totally pretty drink.

Photo by Maria Serra

What is BOBABAM? 

Created by "Boba Daddies" Bob, Brian and Ron in 2020, BOBABAM is a quick, easy, and tasty bubble tea experience that is accessible to anyone with a freezer and a microwave. If you don't have a boba shop near you or don't want to try out an at-home stovetop boba kit that takes a ton of time, you need to get online and order this AAPI-owned brand ASAP. Plus, you can find boxes at Target, Fresh Market, Costco, Sprouts, and more national grocery chains. 

Pick from flavors such as brown sugar, strawberry, coffee, mango, milk tea, taro, and matcha. I am personally obsessed with the bold milk tea flavor. 

How long does it take to make?

All you need is 45 to 60 seconds in the microwave. For the time it takes to brew a K-cup or stand in line at a Starbucks, you could have already made three boba drinks with BOBABAM. After microwaving my boba flavor, I just poured ice and oat milk into a clear glass, added my hot boba on top, and had a restaurant-quality drink. 

Photo by Maria Serra

My experience with BOBABAM

As a self-proclaimed lazy girl, I could not be any more stoked about the lack of steps it takes to make my little drink. Also, as a self-proclaimed frugal lady, I am elated that each BOBABAM box only costs around $8. With four packs in each box, that's only $2 a drink. I feel like a savings queen.  

The taste is utterly divine, and I plan to have my daily bubble tea at home, because frankly, I deserve it. BOBABAM tastes just like my favorite nearby shop's milk tea. While it will not replace me supporting my small business shop multiple times a month, it will allow me to have boba way more frequently than I do now. Plus, I can throw the coolest boba party and start a new TikTok trend with all my boba packs.