Whether you’re living on campus in a dorm or an apartment, coffee is likely an essential part of your school or work day. You can always count on Starbucks, Dunkin’, and Tim Horton’s for specialty espresso drinks and fancy coffees. However, between long lines and high prices, it may be time to invest in your coffee bar at home.

While it may seem too expensive to set up a cute coffee bar at home, all you need is a corner on your counter, a small cart, your favorite coffee grounds, and some of these suggestions. 

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3-Tier Utility Rolling Cart, $30

Looking for a cart, this one is just $30 on Amazon. If you’re trying to find the right little coffee maker for your bar, consider the Mixpresso Single Cup Coffe Maker, a coffee pod-compatible machine for $43, or a Kuerig K-Express for $55.

Kuerig K-Express, $55

Check out our favorite ways to deck out your coffee bar below. P.S., don’t blame us if your friends stay too long in the morning. 

Mini Coffee Syrups, $10

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If you like to change up your coffee order every time you pull up to a Starbucks, you might as well opt for several small syrups to create new flavor combos at home. From the classic caramel and hazelnut syrups to light lavender and elderflower floral options, all coffee and tea lovers will love stopping at your dorm or apartment.

Reusable Hard Plastic Clear Straws, $5

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These straws are compatible with most tumblers and make any at-home iced coffee feel much fancier. Plus, these are easily able to be cleaned and reused, thus serving as a more sustainable option for your bar.

Chocolate Sauce, $11

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Fancy at-home coffee is not complete without a dollop of whipped cream and a chocolate drizzle. Take this Ghirardelli sauce and mix it in, or use it to decorate. Mocha lovers, rejoice.

Glass Bottle, $5

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Use these glass bottles to elevate the look of simple syrup on your coffee bar. Making your own simple syrup is even easier and cheaper than buying it in-store. You can also store your favorite coffee syrups here, too. 

Coffee Mug Tree, $14

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Display your favorite mugs all day, every day. Plus, any guests you have will be able to easily find cups they are free to use. It’s a win-win.

Pour Over Coffee Maker Set, $16

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Unleash your inner barista with a pour-over set. All you need is your favorite ground coffee, boiling water, and a little bit of time for it to brew. You’ll surely impress some dates in the morning with this little gadget.

#SpoonTip: Scope out nearby coffee shops and check out if they have any bagged beans available to purchase. The baristas will be able to tell you all about the best type of bean for your taste.

Latte Art Stencils, $7

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You may not know how to make latte art with steamed milk just yet, but you can make your beverage cute with these latte stencils. Simply choose your stencil, place it over your latte, and shake cinnamon or cocoa powder over top.

Coffee Scoop & Clip, $3

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You will definitely need a coffee scoop to measure your grounds by the tablespoon. Grab this adorable measuring spoon that doubles as a clip for your coffee bag to keep it fresh.

Coffee Spoon Rest, $6.50

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You don’t want to get coffee stains around your bar from spoons and straws being set down. Grab this ceramic spoon rest that’ll keep your space clean and looking cute.

Macrame Heart Coasters, $8

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Set your hot mugs down on these Valentine’s Day-themed coasters from Etsy seller HoneyAndFiberCo. You can choose from an array of colors that fit your particular bar aesthetic.

Ceramic Food Storage Jars, $13

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Store your coffee grounds, loose-leaf teas, sugar cubes, or coffee pods in airtight storage containers. They’ll pull your space together and keep your counter or bar looking organized.

#SpoonTip: Looking to cut back on plastic? Try Wide Awake’s compostable K-Cups, available in stores and online.

Latte Bombs, $9

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No time to steam milk and make espresso? No problem! These latte bombs are the perfect addition to drop into your to-go cup. In minutes, you’ll have a sweet, creamy coffee that rivals that of Dunkin’ lattes.

Milk Pitcher, $8

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When serving friends or doing your morning routine with your roomies, pour your favorite creamer or preferred milk into this handy-dandy little milk pitcher. It’s too cute to pass up and way easier to control than a whole gallon of milk.

Milk Frother, $8

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This is a must for anyone who is a latte or cafe au lait fiend. Whip up some warm milk and pour it on top of your coffee cup for some restaurant-worthy foam.

To-Go Cups, $14

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When you’re in a hurry and your tumbler is dirty, you may just need to take a to-go cup to class. This is ideal to have on hand for any friends from other universities who have to make a long drive home on Sunday morning.

Tea Organizer, $15

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Ditch the Lipton, Bigelow, and Twinings boxes, and organize your tea bags in one easy-to-access place. It’ll be extra simple to pick a good green, Earl Grey, or herbal tea to begin the day.

Sugar Bowl, $10

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This ceramic sugar bowl is cute during strawberry season… and every other season.

Acrylic Display Risers, $15

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You'll be able to make the most of your counter space or bar cart space with these small display risers. You can keep hot cocoa powder, cinnamon, mini syrups, holiday decorations, sprinkles, chocolate chips, etc. here to make your space truly yours.

#SpoonTip: Repurpose old candle jars or mason jars to store any spoons, straws, etc.

Napkins, $3

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Coffee drinkers may have a few spills. Be ready with some cute and festive napkins.

Shortbread, $13

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Well, everyone loves a little treat with their coffee, right?

Cold Brew, $11

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Yes, you can have your cold brew at home. These cold brew bean bags just need to spend the night in a refrigerated water pitcher and voila, you’ll have coffee-shop-level cold brew in your cup in the a.m.

#SpoonTip: Be sure to check your local Facebook Marketplace posts, dollar stores, and Home Goods stores. They will always have a revolving variety of products that may fit your coffee bar and for a fantastic price.