Once summer arrives, it is undoubtedly time for a sweet treat. Whether that is a homemade dessert, candy, ice cream, or even a slushy, the options are endless and you are always left struggling to make a decision. But what if you didn’t have to? What if you could have more than one of your favorite treats at once? I know that sounds wild, but the collaboration of the summer is here to dance around your taste buds all season long. Today, Drumstick and 7-Eleven are dropping their new Drumstick Slurpee Blue Raspberry Vanilla Cone that is filling the refrigerators of convenience stores everywhere. The new collaboration has gone viral across platforms like TikTok where users have been taste-testing the 7-Eleven Slurpee Drumstick, but what exactly does this new dessert entail?

What’s in this new and improved Drumstick flavor?

This new addition to the Drumstick brand features the cone’s fan-favorite qualities with a twist. Their signature waffle cone infused with chocolate is topped with a dollop of their swirled vanilla ice cream, but their chocolate shell and peanut toppings are replaced by 7-Eleven flavor inspiration. Instead, the dessert features a new layer of blue raspberry ice cream inspired by the beloved slushie sold at the convenience store. Crushed-up blue raspberry candies sit atop the ice cream with blue raspberry sauce to create a new delicious design.

Does this new Drumstick flavor outdo the others?

When buying Drumsticks at your local BJ’S, Costco, or Market Basket, you will always find their typical flavors of Vanilla, Vanilla Fudge, and Caramel. Now how does Blue Raspberry add to the mix? Well, critics on TikTok have had their mix of opinions. While some have said this is the perfect ice cream to satisfy their candy cravings, others have been off-put by the blue raspberry and chocolate combination that the cone brings. Some have even said that the blue raspberry layer brings a sour spin to the dessert, but all in all, it brings them a dairy-infused version of the store’s signature Slurpee.

Where can you find this ice cream cone in store?

As you’re on the hunt for this sour and sweet treat, definitely make sure to check out your local 7-Eleven locations. This product will also be selling exclusively at some of 7-Eleven’s franchise stores including Speedway and Stripes.

How long will this product be in store?

The product will be selling nationwide while supplies last so hurry to get your hands on it and seize the opportunity to enter a new destination of flavor.