Imagine your favorite drink—alcoholic, non-alcoholic, juice, whatever. Now, picture it in bubble form, and envision eating that. No, I'm not talking about a Harry Potter experience, or a night at Alinea in Chicago. I'm talking about edible bubbles, and thanks to Firebox, they're real.

What Is This Sorcery?

Firebox is no stranger to the revolutionary food product scene (hello, Phoenix Tears spiced rum), but this is a game changer. The UK brand just launched Bubble Lick, bubble solutions that can be mixed in with any beverage to create non-toxic, vegan, edible bubbles. They are sold in packs of six bottles, each of which contain a portion of bubble solution and some empty space in which to add your liquid of choice. The addition shouldn't be as thick as milk, but could include anything from cold-press coffee to liquor to lemonade.

The company suggests the product be used outside, so there isn't any chance of staining your furniture, but the the included wands are small enough that you could (carefully) experiment in your kitchen if you really want to.

Why These Are So Cool

Honestly, I'm not sure that "need" would be a word to describe these, but they're definitely a "want." The excitement factor of turning your favorite drink into a blow-able experience is exactly the jazziness your boring, everyday liquid consumption needs. Think of the best pregame you've ever been to, then turn your shots into bubbles and tell me that's not better. Or picture your morning coffee, but consumed via eating bubbles, rather than sipped. Seriously, don't even try to tell me this isn't great news.

To be fair, edible bubbles aren't an entirely new concept, as children's toy stores have been doing this for years and some companies like Lick-a-Bubble have based their whole business model around the idea of bubble-based consumption tactics. But Firebox has perfected the solution, creating more options for mixing and a lighter, more enjoyable bubble texture.

Unfortunately, you have to be in the UK to buy these bubble packs online, but I'm hoping they figure out a way to ship to the US soon.

These edible bubbles seem like a great idea for family gatherings—children can entertain themselves with some apple juice bubbles, and adults can attempt their greatest mixologist dreams. Just don't let the two groups mix!