If you are anything like me, watching a movie with a pint of ice cream in hand sounds like the perfect night. The hardest part about this, however, is not deciding what movie to watch. The hardest decision is made even before picking the movie when you have to decide what flavor ice cream you want to indulge in. There are so many flavors, brands, and varieties to choose from that it can sometimes be daunting—until now. A company called Yasso makes the most amazing frozen yogurt that is not only delicious, but a fraction of the calories of some pints of ice cream like Ben and Jerry's.

Before trying any of Yasso's products, I was skeptical. I mean how could frozen greek yogurt be as creamy and decadent as ice cream? Yet somehow, they pulled it off so well. Each flavor is packed with mix-ins like cookie dough, brownie chunks, and sprinkles, the bases are super creamy, and you would never be able to guess that each serving has less than 150 calories. In addition to eight unique, permanent pints, Yasso also makes 17 flavors of frozen greek yogurt bars, ranging from 80-130 calories each. Listed below is a review of just a few of Yasso's amazing pints that you could find in a grocery store near you.

1. Party Animal Frozen Greek Yogurt

If you are a fan of birthday cake flavored ice cream, or anything for that matter, this flavor is for you. The cake flavored frozen yogurt is perfectly sweet and creamy and has the perfect addition of sprinkles and cake pieces. The only thing I was slightly disappointed by was the lack of mix-ins, especially compared to the other flavors which were packed with them. Nevertheless, this flavor tasted great and would be a great addition to my movie night line-up.

2. Coffee Brownie Break

As someone who usually isn't a huge coffee person, I went into this flavor thinking it wouldn't be for me. However, to my surprise, this flavor was amazing, and this is coming from a person who would usually pass up coffee flavored ice cream. The coffee flavored frozen yogurt was strong, but not overwhelming. With a large amount of cookie and brownie chunks, this flavor was a home run.

3. Caramel Pretzel Mania

Let me start by saying that I was completely blown away by this flavor. I had high hopes based on the description, and this pint delivered 100%. The salted caramel base is exactly what it  should taste like: the perfect balance between sweet and salty, and with the addition of tons of chocolate covered pretzels, you can't loose with this flavor. Out of Yasso's year-round flavors, this took the #1 spot. 

4. Peppermint Crunch (Seasonal)

This flavor is perfect for the winter season, and will make you feel like it is Christmas everyday. The peppermint fro-yo was the perfect minty flavor, and was packed with cookie pieces, white chocolate flavored chips, and peppermint pieces. All of the flavors and textures blended together so well to make a winning flavor. If you are a mint fan, this flavor is for you.

5. Sugar Cookie (Seasonal)

This flavor takes the cake (or the cookie, I should say). Out of all of the Yasso that I tried, this was my favorite. The sugar cookie base was spot on, and the pint was literally packed with small cookie dough pieces and holiday sprinkles. If you like sugar cookies, get this flavor because you need it in your life. And hurry—its only available during the holiday season. 

Overall, Yasso is a must-try brand. Not only do their products taste amazing, but you can find them at most grocery stores near you (use the store locator here). For a healthier dessert that will satisfy your sweet tooth, be sure to give Yasso a try.