A lot of us have grown up with the idea that chocolate is bad for us, and you should avoid it. While you may want to avoid eating 12 Twix bars and 5 Hershey bars a day, that doesn't mean you there aren't healthier options in terms of getting your chocolate fix. Loving Earth chocolate is a plant based, organic brand of chocolate that you need to get your hands on. While this brand originates from Australia, they are recently making moves and have recently started to venture into US stores. If there was ever a time to start your Loving Earth obsession, the time is now. 

Sarah's Day Approved

Maybe you have heard of Loving Earth through "Holistic Health Princess," Sarah's Day. Sarah's Instagram and youtube channel focus on listing to your body and fueling it with what it needs, and she is a huge Loving Earth fan. She even created a fruit and nut mix snack with the brand (check that out for another yummy snack). 

She incorporates this decadent chocolate into her everyday life to fulfill her sweets cravings, while maintaining an enviable bod and super healthy lifestyle. If she can do it, why can't you!

Ingredients you can feel good about

As a huge health nut myself, I am constantly on the hunt for ways to indulge without making myself feel sick, bloated, or sluggish, while truly nourishing my body. Loving Earth is dairy free, soy free, cane sugar free, vegan friendly, and gluten free, so it is suitable for those with specific dietary needs. Not only are the ingredients like raw cacao coconut nectar as pure, simple, and drool worthy as it gets, they are also grown and cultivated without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

Environmentally Conscious 

Besides the taste and ingredients, what makes Loving Earth so incredible is their commitment to sustainability. With compostable wrappers and fairly traded ingredients, you can feel good about treating not only your body right, but also the planet. Each wrapper is created with almost all consumer recycled materials, and the ink is plant based. Plus, you will not be creating any food waste when you finish an entire bar in the span of a few days! Trust me, it will happen. 


Along with munching on one of the many delicious flavors like Nutty Maple, Mint, Salted Caramel, Turkish Delight, or Creamy Coconut Milk, these chocolates are perfect to incorporate into baked goods like soft chocolate chunk banana bread or gooey vegan brownies. Since Loving Earth chocolate is made from real food, you can feel good about adding it into any meal, even breakfast! Melt some on top of your oatmeal, top your smoothie bowl with a few squares, or have a few squares after dinner for a quick sweet bite. 

With all the processed foods our there filled with preservatives, sugar, and additives, this is a treat will make you feel good inside and out. I don't recommend healthy brands of typically unhealthy foods lightly. I know you don't want to think your getting a yummy chocolate bar and bite into something that tastes like dirt. These chocolates are sincerely delicious, and I genuinely genuinely enjoy them so very much. In fact, when I first tried them I bought about 10 bars...so... yeah. While you don't have to get 10 bars, totally try it out! Your taste buds, your tummy, and the Earth won't be disappointed.