Vanilla extract is a common ingredient in most desserts. It's what gives vanilla ice cream its awesome flavor and vanilla buttercream its iconic taste. But have you heard of coffee or maple extract?

Now this is different than maple syrup, the extract is what gives syrup its "maple flavor". With more concentrated flavor, maple extract takes the dish to a whole new level.

Arguably better than pumpkin spice, this secret ingredient will change your pancake game for the better. In fact, here are some recipes featuring the star ingredient:

1. French Toast

With chickpea flour providing protein and a nice char on the bread, you only need to replace the vanilla extract with maple extract in this awesome french toast recipe.

2. Pancakes

Just like the french toast recipe above, just sub out the vanilla extract with maple flavoring in this fluffy pancake recipe.

3. Chia Pudding

With coconut milk adding richness, this chia pudding would be perfect if only the vanilla extract were to be replaced with maple.

4. Maple Pecan Granola

Take the vanilla extract out and complement the maple syrup with maple extract for a maple punch in this granola recipe!

5. Maple Ice Cream

Include maple extract in this awesome maple-pecan ice cream recipe. Or you could leave out the pecans. I don't judge.

6. Maple Buttercream Cake

With this awesome buttercream recipe, all you have to do is replace the vanilla extract with maple to add a Mariana Trench level of depth to your frosted cake (and cupcakes, of course).

7. Maple Sugar Cookies

Natasha Brown

With these awesome Spoon-made cinnamon sugar cookies, simply replace the vanilla extract with maple extract to take the cookies to the next maple level.

8. Apple Pie

With the pie's sweet and spiced apple filling, maple extract would taste like you poured maple syrup over the darn thing—elevating the classic dessert.

9. Pecan Pie

Of course with the iconic fall taste of pecan pie, maple extract would strengthen the beloved maple syrup flavor of the sugary dessert.

Here's an awesome recipe: just remember to use the maple extract instead of the vanilla.

10. Coffee

coffee, cappuccino, espresso, milk, mocha
Amy Cho

This one may not sound too obvious, but trust me, it'll rock your world. To make it taste like you doused your 8am cup of joe with yummy sweet syrup, add maple extract. It will be sure to soften your morning sweet tooth.

So, get out there, and try new things. Skip the overrated vanilla extract and opt for the awesome, underrated maple. Adding depth and a boost of flavor, this ingredient goes well in just about everything and can satisfy the sweetest of teeth.