The time eventually comes when you have to choose your favorite Berkley late-night food. You will soon realize there are so many options to choose from. Berkeley's food culture is broad and always exciting! While there are many delicious options to choose from during the day, some of the fan favorites are those that are open after dark.

Berkeley has many notorious late-night food choices. Whether it be a greasy meal after a long night or simply a snack to satisfy the cramming cravings, everyone has their favorite. What does your late-night staple say about you?

1. Boba Ninja

tea, coffee, milk
Emma Davis

A great choice for when you don’t feel like choosing! You are probably indecisive and like to be spontaneous. Is tonight sour or sweet? Popcorn chicken night? Chicken wing night? Maybe a night to try one more of the 100 drink options? If so, Boba Ninja is the place for you!

2. Top Dog

hot dog, sausage, mustard
Lindsey Sample

You are always on the go! You don’t have time to sit down and wait or choose between millions of options. You are classic and traditional, just like Berkeley’s most popular hot dog place! With under a dozen options on the menu, consisting of 11 styles of hot dogs and your favorite drinks, Top Dog is your perfect grab-and-go late-night classic.

3. Artichoke's Pizza

slice, pizza, cheese, corn, cilantro
Caroline Ingalls

For those of you who are a little more creative, but also always on the go! Artichoke's has a simple yet fun menu that keeps everyone on their toes. You love to keep yourself busy but never forget to have fun! Artichoke’s is your perfect pit stop after a night of painting the town red.

4. King Pin Donuts

Alishah Khan

You are probably very down to earth and chill. You just want to get a sweet treat after a long night and keep the fun going! When the choices of Berkeley late-night food can get overwhelming, your sweet tooth led you to King Pin for a fluffy donut that will keep you on a sugar high for a little longer.

5. IB's

Frita Batidos, fritas, Cuban, cuban food, salty, fries, shoestring fries
Chloe Pawloski

All-American and perfect for a late-night bite. You don’t really like taking risks. You would rather stick to tradition and play it safe. You grab a cheesesteak and curly fries that are the epitome of a standard meal after a long night. Change may scare you a bit, but the food at IB’s definitely won't!

6. Gypsy's 

Alishah Khan

You’re extra and you don’t play around! You don’t settle for the late-night snack, you go for the full-on meal. With all of Gypsy’s delicious options, you have a lot to choose from and every option sounds great! Whether you'll be having the crazy alfredo or a slice of the pesto pizza, You don’t do anything halfway and that is reflected in your midnight food choices.

7. Abe's

Alishah Khan

You don’t want to overcomplicate things because you have a clear mind. You know what you want and you are going to get it! With so many Berkeley late-night food options you stick with the traditional choice of pizza, and what better no-fuss choice than Abe’s?

8. Taco Bell

Alishah Khan

You have an outgoing personality and not hiding it! You’re a little basic, but you embrace it, even while waiting in the line at Taco Bell. Whether it be a Doritos Locos Tacos kind of night, a Crunchwrap Supreme, or simply a Baja Blast Freeze, you always know how to have a good time.

Like everyone at Berkeley, there are too many different options to put into one list. Whether you’re a Boba Ninja Boy, Gypsy’s Gal, or anything in between, you will always have a good option when looking for your favorite Berkeley late-night food!

If you are feeling nostalgic for some of the businesses mentioned above or others we might have missed, we have found a way that you can help! If you can’t order food from your favorite spot while living at home due to remote instruction, you can still support your favorite spots! You can make a donation towards the Berkeley Relief Fund, which is looking to help the city of Berkley during these unprecedented times. You can now help your favorite Berkeley late-night food spot by visiting their webpage.