Just because the holiday season is over doesn't mean you're off the hook for gift-giving–there are always birthdays, celebrations, hallmark holidays like Valentines Day, and many more.  Because you might be a little burnt out from the brainpower spent curating the perfect presents for your loved ones this past month, here's an easy guide for what to get those people in your life who are always watching tasty videos–you're bound to have more than a few, because lets be honest, who doesn't love watching a good ol' crepe cake or loaded bagel come together.  

1. Tasty Cookbook

This one's a no-brainer.  At the official Tasty online shop, you can order several cookbooks, but the one that sticks out is a customizable one, filled with recipes tailored to your recipient's favorite videos.  You can choose seven chapters, with themes including chocolate, salads, wholesome, bites, in a mug, and much more.  Complete with a page for your personalized message, this personalized gift will run you only $24 dollars for paperback and $35 for the hardcover– making it the easiest gift you'll give all year.  

2. Marshmallow Floater Gift Set

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Kelley Buck

Just because Christmas is over doesn't mean hot chocolate season is.  The only thing better than curling up with a chocolatey drink on a cold day is if that drink had customizable marshmallows floating around in it–which is achievable via the geniuses at William Sonoma.  Their kit features a sheet of marshmallow, six different shaped cutters of quintessential winter things such as snowmen and candy canes, and six different colored chocolate decoration pens.

#Spoontip: Buy it now! It's on sale from $39.95 to $9.99.   

3. Ice Cream Mixing Set

If your friend still points to Cold Stone as their favorite ice cream shop, this one's for them.  This ice cream mixing set is basically like having a personal Cold Stone Creamery in your kitchen.  Complete with a marble slab, mixing spades, and three dishes for the toppings of your choosing all situated on a bamboo base, this kit is the ultimate hack for ice cream nights, incorporating your preferred chocolates or fruits into the mix instead of simply on top of.  

4. Celebrity Face Cookies 

Maybe your loved one isn't a huge fan of the DIY aspect of tasty videos, but loves the sometimes quirky end-products.  Cupcake Market, based in New York but shipping nationwide, has just the funny solution–customizable face cookies.  You can choose to order their classic celebrity cookies– a crying Kim Kardashian, Obama, and Drake to name a few – or put ur intended's face on the sugary treat.  While I can't vouch for how good the cookie actually is, the entertainment factor blows this gift out of the water. 

5. Easy Bake Oven 

Alina Ekbal

Oh yes - they're still around and thriving.  An easy bake oven serves as several things: a throwback, a DIY kit, and a tool for making honestly delicious, spongey cake.  In my book, this is the best present once can receive.  It's a classic that has endured years of new gifts flooding the market, proving that no matter the time, people love to make their own mini cakes.  

You can't go wrong with any of these food related gifts, which are sure to be a hit even amongst non-tasty lovers.  Happy gift-giving!