Every year anxiety strikes the host of the big family dinner with the pestering question, "Will there be enough food?" It seems to be that the only remedy to this seasonal stress is to simply add another side dish. However, regardless of how hungry everyone is as they belly up the table, there is always an ample amount of Thanksgiving leftovers for every dinner guest to bring home. 

While microwaving leftovers is the easy answer, sometimes it can fall a little short in the flavor department. Spice up your day after thanksgiving traditions and make a gourmet meal out of your leftovers. You can even challenge your friends and family to a competition to see who can make the best Thanksgiving-inspired creation. Below are five recipes to inspire you to think outside of the microwave-safe Tupperware and get creative with your leftovers

Pecan Pie Shake 

Just when you think pecan pie can not get any better, wait until you experience all of the sweet flavors of the pie in a single sip of a creamy milkshake.

Try drinkable pie by simply blending together milk, ice cream and a slice of pie.  Don't forget a generous amount of whipped cream on top to get the full pie effect. 

Mary Racette

Turkey Poutine

Mix up your American leftovers with this Canadian classic. If you're new to poutine, take a chance on it, knowing, of course, it's hard to go wrong with cheese, turkey and fries. 

First, bake a bag of french fries. Place the fries on a platter and evenly distribute your leftover turkey, gravy, cheese, and seasonings. Enjoy it right away while it's hot!

Mary Racette

Eggnog French Toast

If you can't wait until dinner to break into your leftovers, this festive french toast will taste great with your morning coffee. 

This dish is made the same as any other french toast, but with a holiday twist. Whisk together eggs, eggnog and a dash of cinnamon to create the mixture to dip your bread in. Day-old bread is perfect for this recipe because it will end up soaking up all of the flavors once you let it cook on the griddle. 

Mary Racette

Holiday Panini 

This dish leaves the most room for creative freedom.  If you own a panini press, all you have to do is use your leftover slices of bread and fill them with a combination of your favorite dishes from the night before. Stuffing, turkey and cranberry sauce are key ingredients in this that really make the dish scream Thanksgiving.

Mary Racette

American Bubble and Squeak 

You know that vat of potatoes that your family hardly made a dent in? This traditional British recipe will take care of that problem for you.

Bubble and Squeak is typically made for breakfast or lunch after having mashed potatoes for dinner the night before. This makes Thanksgiving the perfect occasion to try it out. 

This dish is made by combining mashed potatoes with mixed vegetables and frying them on medium heat until golden brown.  

Mary Racette

Don't let your leftovers go to waste and freshen up Thanksgiving turkey and side dishes as you transform them into unique entrees. These five dishes are among numerous other innovative meals that can be made with thanksgiving leftovers. Don't be afraid to experiment and add your own twist to things.