Jungle juice - it's just as mysterious as it sounds. Well, it tastes great, but that's what makes it low-key dangerous if you aren't keeping tabs on how much you drink. It's usually served as the main drink at frat parties and clubs and liked by many because of how cheap and how effective it is, but with drinks like this, it's hard to really know what exactly you're drinking. I might've either sold you on it or scarred you for life, but the question "what is jungle juice" probably still rattles in your mind. Hopefully, I can help shed some clarity on the suspicious yet delicious jungle juice (***tun tun tuuuun***).

What is jungle juice?

There are many ways to make jungle juice– it's essentially a mix of assorted alcohols (vodka - 40% ABV, everclear - 90s% ABV, tequila - 38% ABV, whiskey - 40% ABV, flavored schnapps - 20% ABV, gin - 40% ABV, and/or rum - 37% ABV) and sugary drinks (juice or Kool-Aid) that work to balance out the tastes. Notice how I pretty much listed every hard alcohol in the books. Mixing alcohol one red solo cup after another is dangerous, but this is a WHOLE other level. This drink can add up to having more than 10% alcohol by volume (ABV), and to give some perspective, beer tends to be around 4.5% ABV and wine 10-12%.  This drink unleashes the wild, sending the drinker into a "state of animal behavior" (Hence the name: Jungle Juice).

Is it safe to drink?

This honestly has to be a hard "depends". Are you at a trustworthy place? Did you get the drink yourself? Are you attentive to how much you are drinking? These questions should be running through your head every time drinking is part of your context, but especially when that drinking involves the consumption of jungle juice. 

"Lightweight" or "heavyweight", if you chug this excessive amount of alcohol in a short span, you will be extremely intoxicated. People say this drink is a one-way ticket to a rough morning. I find any drink with everclear scary, as I never ran into everclear prior to college and it is literally is 95% alcohol, which is higher alcohol content than rubbing alcohol. That just shows how strong jungle juice can be, especially when this is mixed with other alcohols. 

Also, seeing that jungle juice is served mixed, you never know how much of what you're drinking, if it's spiked, drugged, etc. so I try to stay away from the coolers. Judge the place and the people there to evaluate the trustworthy factor.

If you're looking to enter the jungle, remember to exercise caution.

Travel with a sober buddy or take count of how many drinks you've had so you don't overdue it and find yourself on the floor. Now that I've answered the big "what is jungle juice" question, remember - jungle juice tastes good on the way down, but on the way up is a completely different story.  Here's to the nights you'll remember (because you're drinking responsibly) with the people you'll never forget.