Spring is just around the corner, and that means summer is on its way! Sangria is sunshine in a glass, and the perfect way to wind down on those warm days. What better way to enjoy the summer sunshine than to pour yourself a glass of Señor Sangria?

Señor Sangria was founded by Rick Martinez and his wife. The products are sold in stores in New Jersey, New York, Florida, Washington DC, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, but can be shipped from online if you live out of state.

The company was launched to embody a spirit of laughter, love, and cherishing time spent with loved ones. Rick and his wife searched for the perfect homemade sangria, but much to their avail, nothing satisfied them. 10 years later, here they are - serving sangria nationwide. The ingredients are simple: wine, real fruit juice, and cane sugar. No preservatives, no artificial flavoring, no sulfites… which means no next day headaches.

Whether it is the 'Classic Red', the 'Apple Raspberry', or the 'Classic White', here are a few ways to upgrade your Señor Sangria to sip on during the summer! 

Please drink responsibly. 

1) Pour in Some Juice

While the base of sangria already includes fruit juice, you can still add in other juices to create more flavors! It is recommended to test with pineapple, orange or mango. 

2) Spike It With Booze

More flavored booze can spike a glass of your favorite flavor of Señor Sangria. It's five o'clock somewhere, right? You can also add splashes of the other sangria flavors. Owner Rick’s favorite combo is 'Classic Red' + 'Classic White'. However, flavored seltzer can also be poured in as a substitution for the additional alcohol.

3) Throw in Some Pieces of Fruit

Sangria recipes are often revamped with pieces of fruit. Not only will the fruit absorb the flavors of the sangria, but it will also create new forms of sweetness in your glass for you to enjoy. Fruits such as pears, apples, or even peaches can really soak it all up.

4) Turn your Sangria Into An Ice Pop or A Jello Shot

Why drink your sangria in a glass, when you can turn it into an ice pop or a jello shot! There is a recipe for the sangria ice pop and the jello shot displayed on the Señor Sangria website. You can also experiment with these recipes and create your own too!

If you're lacking inspiration and you want some easy to follow sangria recipes, check out this article by a fellow Spoon writer!: