Yes. Georgia's weather is bipolar. The temperature reaches a new number of high and low every single day having no correlation to the night before. But, no matter how capricious it is, it is still February, and the temperature is rarely constantly over 55 degrees. Technically, shorts and t-shirts are not favored and people still order more hot drinks than iced ones at cafes. So, here are some hot drinks that'll keep your hands warm before summer officially comes. Here are some warm drinks for a cold winter. 

Thai Coffee

Give a variation to your regular coffee and try the Thai coffee. Are you afraid of being too strong? The original recipe to the Thai coffee doesn't have much spice to it unless you want it to add a bit of more flavor to it. For more variation, add coriander, also known as Chinese parsley, and cardamom into the ground coffee before it's brewed. But remember that the coffee itself is very sweet so an extra pinch of sugar is not recommended.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Servings: 2


2/3 cups of sweetened condensed milk

1 1/2 cups of hot coffee  (regular brew coffee with about 2 tablespoons of ground coffee per cup)

Aztec Hot Chocolate

Another round of some spiced up drink? Slight addition to the dull regular hot chocolate creates a big difference. While it is a controversial taste, people that fall for it have no way of turning back! It's not a big spice, more of a hint of spice if that's what you're worried about. Use the milk instead of water in order to amplify the thickness of the chocolate, and then you'll really not be able to make it out of it.

Total Time: 35 minutes

Servings: 2


1 tablespoon of light brown sugar   

2 cups of cold water OR milk

1/2 of cinnamon stick

1/2 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract 

1 1/2 cardamoms  

1/2 strip of orange peel

3/4 cups 70% cocoa chopped powder

chili powder

ground cinnamon


1. Pour water/milk into saucepan with low heat (don't boil)

2. Add and mix brown sugar, cinnamon sick, vanilla extract, cardamoms, orange peel, and chili powder

3. Set the solution aside for 20 - 30 minutes in order for the spice to be dissolved and permeate through

4. Take out all the ingredients out of the mixture

5. Add the cocoa chopped and eat the solution right before boiling point

#SpoonTip: Add ground cinnamon on top for more seasoning

Minted Hot Chocolate

For my staple mint chocolate chip fans out there, here's a new addition to your hot chocolate favorites. As the fresh cool sensation permeates on your taste buds, the warm chocolate milk will captivate that taste overriding it with sweetness.

Total Time: 12 minutes

Servings: 2


2 cups of milk

2 ounces of 70% cocoa dark chocolate chopped

slightly bruised fresh mint

brown sugar


1. Lightly heat the milk in a saucepan with the mint

2. After boiling for a minute, take out the mint

3. Pour the heated milk on the chocolate and stir it until everything melts

4. For extra flavor, add SUGAR!!

#SpoonTip: Add whipped cream and mint chocolate on top of the hot chocolate for a stronger taste

Peanut Butter Crunch

Brittany Gelman

Nothing can go wrong with peanut butter but the one thing about peanut butter is that it can get a bit too sweet in your mouth. This is simply solved with adding cinnamon on top. I would also highly recommend using maple syrup especially because the scent just makes the entire drink more mouth savoring.

Total Time: 12 minutes

Servings: 2


2 cups of milk

3 tablespoons of peanut butter

1 tablespoon of honey or maple syrup (preferably maple syrup) 

whipping cream 

ground cinnamon


1. Lightly heat the milk in a saucepan with the peanut butter and maple syrup or honey

2. Stir consntantly until all the peanut butter has dissolved and it reaches boiling point 

Spoon Tip: Add wipped cream and cinnamon

The recipes to the warm drinks will allow for a pleasant stay inside our dorms. Especially when the heaters malfunction and midterm season hits, warm drinks are a way to not only keep our bodies warm but also prepare ourselves mentally!