Anyone who says they don’t love "Vanderpump Rules" is lying. Seriously. Lisa and her SURvers keep us entertained season after season with laughs, tears, and plenty of drama.

Season 6 was the ultimate rollercoaster of events. Jax cheated on Brittany, plans began for TomTom, and we all wondered whether or not it was really about the pasta (I’m looking at you, James Kennedy). Between trips to Big Bear, Vegas, and Mexico, the SUR crew stirred up so much drama in one summer that we found ourselves stirring up quite a few drinks at home to make it through each episode.

So, since Bravo gifted us with the ultimate reality TV guilty pleasure, we’re providing the ultimate "Vanderpump Rules" drinking game. Cheers, friends! And, please drink responsibly. 

Take a Sip

- Whenever James claims it “isn’t about the pasta"

- Every time Scheana mentions Rob

- Every time Jax talks about Reiki or his Reiki master Kelsey

- When TomTom is mentioned

- Any time LaLa mentions her man

Take 2 Sips

- When Scheana mentions her divorce

- When anyone who isn’t Jax is accused of cheating

- Any time someone tries to tell Brittany that she’s too good for Jax

- For every party the Servers attend (take an another sip if Stassi planned it)

- Every time James talks about his music

Take a Big Gulp

- When a drink is thrown

- When any of the SURvers fight

- Any time someone starts crying

- Whenever a new rumor rises to the surface

- Every time Lisa says what we’re all thinking about the SURvers

Season 6 definitely had its ups and downs, and this drinking game will, too. But here's to hoping that you have as much fun playing as Schwartz did in Mexico...