Every college student seeks their late night treat, which is well deserved after a day of classes. The options on UberEats are endless, but The Blakery is the newest addition to the app which should be the newest addition to your dessert lineup too. 

The Blakery is now up and running on UberEats, which might just have the best cookies in the Coral Gables area. 

Although all the flavors are amazing, here are some of the must try flavors that will make your night as sweet as can be.

1. S'mores

I'll take s'more please! This cookie is filled with gooey marshmallow fluff goodness. How can you resist?

2. Dunkaroo

Everyone loved Dunk-a-Roo's at some point in their childhood, so why give it up? Funfetti? Yup. Homemade frosting? I'm in!

3. Cookies and cream

More like cookies and dream if you ask me. This cookie is stuffed with a Hershey's cookies and cream bar and crushed Oreos. This is a must. 

4. Froot Loops

Mom might have always said no dessert for breakfast, but we are in college now. Cookies for breakfast? Why not. 

5. Have a break

It's definitely appropriate to give yourself a break after classes, studying, or whatever you may be doing, so why not celebrate with a cookie named just for that. Everyone's favorite chocolate candies, Kit Kats and M&M's, stuffed into a cookie. I know what I'm getting tonight!

Being the cookies that they are, filled with everyones favorite chocolate or snack, The Blakery cookies are all priced at $6.00 for their unbelievable unique and delicious taste. If you are in Coral Gables, you can order them on the UberEats app. If you're from out of town, you can place an order on The Blakery website

Spoon tip: if you put them in the microwave for around 20 seconds, they are guaranteed to melt in your mouth!