Do you want to wakeup excited for breakfast? Get rid of your pre-packaged 2 minute oats, and add some delicious and unique ingredients to make your oatmeal something that you'll look forward to eating. Oatmeal is such a simple food which  means it's easy to spice up and create a completely different meal each day of the week (if you're like me and decide to eat oats every single morning). Read on to discover oatmeal recipes that are perfect for each day day of the week.


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Get yourself fueled and ready for the week with this sweet potato oatmeal. Sweet potato's will add some extra substance and natural sweetness to your oats. Top it off with some nuts for protein and you'll be feeling satisfied and ready to take on the week. 


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Keep it easy but hearty on Tuesday by topping your oatmeal off with sliced nectarine, almond butter (or nut butter of choice), jam, and pistachios. If you're feeling extra crafty, pre-make your own plum rose jam (I was lucky enough to have it made by my mom), for a unique and delicious flavor!


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On Wednesday's you might not wear pink, but your oatmeal sure can! Microwave your oats with some frozen berries, and once they are defrosted stir well. This will give it a fun color and a fresh and delicious flavor!


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By the time it hits Thursday, you're due for a little treat and some extra protein. Add powdered milk to your oatmeal for extra creaminess, and top it off with berries, dried fruit, sunflower seeds, and nut butter. Powdered milk isn't as common as it used to be apparently (I found it in my Grandma's pantry), but this should definitely be a dorm room essential. This will keep you fueled and satisfied to finish the week off strong!


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End your week with a quick and easy protein filled oatmeal. Top your oats with sliced banana, nut butter of choice, chia seeds, and cinnamon. After a long week, your brain will be loving the idea of an easy, yet substantial breakfast!


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Get creative and in the Fall spirit by adding sautéed apples to your oatmeal. Sauté them with coconut oil and cinnamon to give them a juicy sweet flavor. Top it off with any of your other favorite oatmeal toppings like coconut flakes, frozen berries, chia seeds, and my personal favorite, peanut butter. 


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Sunday means no class, which means extra time to treat yourself and get decadent. Mix in some sweetened cocoa powder to your oatmeal, and top it off with some peanut butter, jam, and any other toppings (frozen berries, chia seeds, etc.). This tastes just like a chocolate pb&j, but better. 

Hopefully this post has proven to you that oatmeal can be so much more than a boring packet of 2 minute oats. There are endless recipes that can be created to spice up your oatmeal, so give it a chance! Tweak any of these recipes to fit your own dietary needs or preferences and have an oat-ie week!