We are living in a rushed, mad world. Whether you are one of those people always running from one place to another or you are somewhat chill and have a little more time to spend on your cooking, this burger is literally the fastest to make meal I've personally seen and experienced.

Remember that trying new things, whether it's a recipe or bungee jumping, is good for your. It makes the brain wake up from the routine, gives you a rush of adrenaline and helps you create new—hopefully—happy memories. This tuna burgers could be one of those cooking with music memories, they are super tasty with a crunchy/soft touch that will make you want to tell everyone you know.

I asked a friend of mine, who by the way is a pilates instructor and a great cook, to please tell me which was the easiest recipe she knew. She came up with this tuna burger idea that I would have never even thought of. I personally don't eat much meat (all types of meat), but once in a while I like trying out these sort of recipes. If you love cream cheese as much as I do, run now to the grocery store and try this one out. It only calls for four ingredients, faster than The Flash, plus a world of flavors.

Tuna Burgers

  • Prep Time:3 mins
  • Cook Time:20 mins
  • Total Time:23 mins
  • Servings:3
  • Easy


  • 240 gram tuna
  • 150 gram cream cheese
  • 1 egg
  • Chopped scallion
Marina Wollmann
  • Step 1

    Put the tuna in a bowl, add the cream cheese.

    cream, chocolate, sweet, egg
    Marina Wollmann
  • Step 2

    Mix until well blended, add the egg and some chopped scallion.

    cereal, flour, milk, sweet, cream
    Marina Wollmann
  • Step 3

    Give a burger shape to the mix and cook them in the oven for 20 minutes.

    salmon, cheese
    Marina Wollmann
  • Step 4

    Voilà! I know, couldn't believe it either.

    salad, cheese
    Marina Wollmann

Your have zero excuse now not to make your own dinners. You can cook this even with your eyes closed (just kidding, do not try that at home). Give it a shot and share with your friends, it is a helpful option for those late study nights.