Dining halls can be a beautiful place. At Barnumbia, just one swipe at several dining locations means an all-you-can-eat bonanza. From omelettes, chicken wings and mozzarella sticks to frozen yogurt, ice cream and cake, the food in our dining halls are made of dreams and we get unlimited access. While this access is great for those occasional binges we all need every once in awhile, it can also be dangerous: especially with those irresistible desserts. Whether it is the cheesecake at Ferris, the cookies at Hewitt or the cake at John Jay, Barnumbia students are tempted by an unlimited array of sweets. In my first semester here, I have already had a hard time resisting these delicious treats. However, I know it is possible to find ways to satisfy those sweet cravings without sacrificing healthy eating. Here are some alternatives at each of our favorite dining halls so you can ditch the traditional dessert options as you please. 


Ferris is the land of delicious cake. The glass case is the only barrier between you and a slice of creamy, decadent oreo chocolate-goodness. And that’s not even the only temptation. Sometimes they have waffles and whip cream or piles of brownies. But before you ask for any of these, try making yourself some wholegrain toast and honey. Slices are typically big and honey will add a little sweetness, giving you a great option to fill you up and treat yourself.

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Jocelyn Hsu

John Jay

John Jay loves to celebrate daily with a long table covered in beautiful sweets. Just left of the cakes you can find a fro-yo machine and a freezer full of ice cream. They are divided by an abundance of toppings, such as sprinkles, marshmallows, coconut, caramel, chocolate sauce and more. Rather than overload on sugar, try putting together your own yogurt bowl. Grab some greek yogurt, apples and bananas, a little granola and some honey to satisfy your craving. Almost every combo of toppings is mouthwatering so make sure you explore all of the options at John Jay.

cake, chocolate, cream, cheesecake, coffee
Denise Uy


JJ’s fro-yo machine is easily accessible, which makes it all the more tempting. They even put sprinkles in really fun containers and have a bowl of m&m’s at eye level, which is oh-so inviting. Try and remind yourself that right next to the fro-yo machine is a lovely smoothie maker! You can mix flavors such as mango pineapple, strawberry and peach, or stick to just one. Since the cups are a good portion size, you can get enough to hit the spot without overdoing it.

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Denise Uy


Hewitt’s dessert section isn't as big as the other dining halls, but it's still present. Cakes, cookies, pie and scones are all intriguing options and beg to be the finale of your meal. Try and remember that right opposite the desserts are baskets of bananas and apples. If you want to add something extra to the fruit, add some peanut butter. It is perfect to eat with fruit because it is appetizing and packed with protein. Next time you're in Hewitt go for this option instead of the pile of desserts.

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Maggie Gorman

Managing a healthy diet in college is hard, especially with an all-you-can-eat system at Barnumbia. Don't forget that it is equally as easy to grab a healthier dessert option that will keep you full and well!