Pumpkin bread season is in full swing, and I'm loving it (shoutout to my roommate's mom who sends pumpkin bread care packages)! If you don't have the pumpkin bread hookup, don't freak out. Store-bought pumpkin bread mixes are a lifesaver. And for all you gluten free people, Trader Joe's gluten free pumpkin bread mix might just be better than the original.

An Awesome Mistake

Myrna Mousa

If I'm being totally honest, I first bought Trader Joe's gluten free pumpkin bread mix as a mistake. No judgment please – grocery shopping is stressful. I was super bummed when I read the box (carefully this time) and realized that it wasn't the original.

Not to be dramatic, but it was the best mistake of my life. Their gluten free pumpkin bread is amazing. Plus, it's a little healthier and just as easy to make: add oil, water, and eggs. Bonus: it doubles as a muffin mix. 

So...What's the Difference?

Hannah Kerns

Health-wise, the main difference is just that one mix has gluten and the other doesn't. Although the gluten-free mix may be marginally healthier, there's not a huge difference between the two. 

According to their nutrition labels, the gluten free mix has less calories per serving when prepared (190 versus 250). It also has less sodium (220 versus 290). But the original mix has a higher percentage of iron.

In terms of taste, I actually think the gluten free mix is better than the original. They're both delicious, but the gluten-free bread had a better texture. It was a little more moist. Sorry for using that word, but, let's be real, pumpkin bread needs to be moist to be good.

Amanda Shulman

The verdict? You can have a stellar pumpkin bread season with or without gluten. So, whether you've been gluten free for years or are just trying it out, Trader Joe's gluten free pumpkin bread has got you covered.