I know I’m not alone in that I watch the Super Bowl for two reasons: the halftime show and the commercials. I have absolutely no idea what goes on in between those two, and I’m not embarrassed to admit it.

Despite the fact that the Super Bowl is not all about the football for me, I’m still a fan of hosting and attending Super Bowl parties. From the food to spending time with friends, this game is all about bringing people together. So what if there was an epic way to spread the word about your Super Bowl party this year? Well, thanks to Tostitos, there is.

What's So Special About This Invite?

This invitation is unlike any you could ever imagine—it’s a personalized video. That’s already like 10 times better than anything that you would send through Facebook or via text. And thanks to “Super Bowl Ads For All,” Tostitos will create your digital invite for you when you provide them with your party deets, so have no fear if you have no video production capabilities like me.

This video invite is also going to include all the things that make the Super Bowl commercials so great. That means everything from puppies to talking babies. What more could you want to get people excited about your party? Oh, and did I mention that your invitation will feature celebrity guest star, Alfonso Ribierto (AKA Carlton from “The Fresh Price of Bel Air” and current host of “America’s Funniest Home Videos”)? Yep. Take that all in. 

Soooo, How Do I Get Mine?

If this sounds like your type of invite, it’s really simple to get. Just go on to mysuperbowlad.tostitos.com/plan and give Tostitos the name of the host, the address of the party, and the time that it starts, and you’ll be on your way to getting a bomb invitation.

Make your Super Bowl invitation the most talked about of the year and enjoy more than just chips and salsa from Tostitos this year.