Greek yogurt: high in protein, easily accessible, and exceptionally affordable (only 99 cents at Target), Chobani Greek Yogurt can truly make your life not only much more delicious, but also a whole lot easier. Chobani Greek Yogurt can be transformed into a beautiful breakfast parfait brimming with berries and granola, to a simple 3pm snack, and even a guilt–free dessert before bed. Here are the top 7 Chobani Greek Yogurt products in my opinion. 

1. Chobani “flip”

Jason Cruz

Chobani “flip” yogurts are a combination of both yogurt on one side of the container and a mixture of various toppings on the opposite side. Simply mix in the toppings, and you have a super sweet parfait prepared in a matter of seconds. Most of the topping choices in the “flip” products involve chocolate or some dessert-like option. The Almond Coco Loco “flip” is a delightful combination of coconut low-fat yogurt, thinly sliced honey roasted salted almonds, and dark chocolate pieces. A super sweet snack indeed.

2. Blended

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Alex Frank

Chobani’s blended Greek yogurt, is yogurt that has been totally blended, and tends to come in some pretty out of the blue flavors such as Coffee, Lemon, and even Key Lime. While some blended flavors remain on the shelves all year long, other flavors are only available during certain seasons. Their Watermelon flavor is a special addition to their limited batch. It is typically available during the summertime, so head to your local market and stock up ASAP on the Chobani Watermelon blended flavor. It is light, refreshing, and provides enough protein to last you all afternoon to lounge by the pool.

3. Fruit on the Bottom

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Jessie Boden

Chobani’s Fruit on the Bottom yogurt is the typical cup size yogurt found in nearly every supermarket and probably even nearest gas station. While other competing Greek yogurt brands often have an excessive amount of sugar (up to 25 grams) Chobani’s Greek yogurts tend to have an average of 12 grams while still managing to keep their enjoyable taste. Try their Mango flavor - a refreshing flavor that has petite real mango pieces along the bottom.

4. Chobani Kids

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Abigail Wilkins

Remember snacking on Gogurts as a kid? Chobani offers a similar product within their line of Chobani Kids products. Their Mixed Berry Low-Fat Yogurt Tubes are an excellent option for a quick snack on the go. Simply freeze them overnight, and you can relive your childhood all over again. For a more sophisticated take, coat banana slices with the yogurt and pop them in the freezer. Each yogurt tube also packs 5 grams of protein-an added bonus.

5. Drink Chobani

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Jeanne Paulino

Another Chobani specialty is their drink products. This tasty yogurt beverage is especially suitable for those constantly on the go. No excuse to skimp on breakfast with this easy fix! Try their simple Strawberry Banana drink. It’s a perfect smoothie without the mess.

6. Chobani Simply 100 Greek Yogurt

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Katherine Baker

Watching your calorie intake? Chobani has you covered with their assortment of 100 calorie Greek yogurt options. Similar to the regular “flip” options, these yogurts tend to come with a variety of extra sweet toppings. Try the Crunch Strawberry Chocolate Truffle option (strawberry non-fat yogurt with milk chocolate rice crips, dark chocolate cookies, and dried strawberries). Not only do you get an effortlessly prepped yogurt parfait to satisfy your taste buds, but your waistline shall be content as well. Oh and did I mention that these options are only 100 calories?

7. Plain

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Jenny Mun

Ah, the beloved Non-fat Plain yogurt tub is an essential grocery item in every household. Chobani’s plain greek yogurt gives you the option to assemble your very own creation. Top plain greek yogurt with crunchy cereal for a fulfilling breakfast. Drizzle a tablespoon of honey over a scoop of yogurt for an afternoon snack. You can even create smoothies, muffins, pancakes, and even cupcakes with Chobani Greek yogurt. Get creative!