It’s no secret that Hamilton College runs on Opus. Their perfect cups of coffee and tantalizing lunch options are the perfect remedy for a dreary campus day. Here are some of the student baristas’ pet peeves to avoid next time you order up.

1. Crazy Specialty Orders

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Nobody cares that you want a double shot of espresso, extra extra cream, steamed milk, and a maraschino cherry on your frozen chai. Keep it simple, and be able to explain exactly what you want.

2. Frozen Drinks


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Frozen drinks seriously cramp the flow of even the most experienced Opus barista, and nobody wants that. It’s too cold anyways.

3. Rude Customers

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Nothing is worse than working the closing shift and having to deal with rude students on the prowl for a warm cookie. Remember, Opus baristas are people too and it costs nothing to smile.

Just follow these tips to ensure a stress-free visit to your fave Opus location for both you and your barista.