Welcome to TikTok Taste Test, where every week national writer Allison Reinhardt spotlights a trending TikTok recipe so you can know the latest and greatest viral food trends worth checking out.

As we’ve learned from Marianna’s Coconut Cloud Smoothie, the foodies of TikTok will go crazy for any brightly colored food, with added bonus points if that color comes from a natural ingredient. You won’t need an obscure, expensive bright blue powder for this week’s trending TikTok recipe, though. The latest hot pink pasta FoodTok craze features an ingredient you know, but might not necessarily love: beets. 

To be completely honest, whenever I’ve tried beets, they’ve always been super flavorless to me, so I’m not a huge fan. However, they have an undeniably gorgeous color, so it’s super smart to use them as a natural food coloring to create that electric pink color, the likes of which I’ve only seen in ingredients like pitaya and pickled red onions.

Although there are many variations of this trending recipe, we’re featuring Meredith Hayden (@wishbonekitchen on TikTok)’s version that has garnered over 4M views in just a couple of days.

Her secret to that beautiful, bright pink color? Keeping the beets raw. As Meredith explains on her Instagram, roasting the beets could create a “more muddy maroon color” as opposed to the electric pink that has TikTok going wild.

The recipe itself is simple. Meredith chops up some beets and adds them to a blender along with goat cheese, a clove of garlic, olive oil, pasta water, salt, and cayenne. She blends the mixture until smooth and adds it to her pasta. To top it all off, she garnishes the plate with more goat cheese, chopped pistachios, and fresh mint. What a gorgeous dish!

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