Let’s face it, Chipotle is the bomb. Delicious, reasonably priced and committed to sustainable agriculture, it’s a place that’s hard not to love. Any Chipotle within walking distance of a college campus has a line that spills out the door and wraps all the way around the building both day and night.

Now don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my carnitas burrito bowl just as much as the next girl, but when my friends are suggesting Chipotle for the third time that week, I’m ready for a change.

Recently, more and more fast casual restaurants seem to be copying the “Chipotle concept,” which means they are serving up sustainable and delicious food that can be personalized by each customer.

These restaurants are taking what Chipotle has done with burritos and applying the same idea to other types of cuisines like Italian, Indian, and Asian. Fusian, Piada, and Currito are just a few Chipotle-style chains that I have come to know and love—and you should too.


chipotle addiction

Photo courtesy of Marty Walsh

A create-your-own sushi restaurant started in Ohio, Fusian’s mission is to deliver an unmet spirit in dining culture where people can feel great about trying something new and eating well. The restaurant offers endless options to help customers bring their individual sushi creations to life.

The tempura shrimp roll with avocado, cream cheese, and sweet soy sauce is definitely a must-try. In addition to sushi, Fusion serves up other traditional Japanese fare such as edamame and miso soup.

Fusian is planning to expand to other college campus towns, including South Bend. Keep your eye out.


chipotle addiction

Photo courtesy of Marty Walsh

Piada offers a similar concept with Italian street food options like sandwiches, fresh salads and loaded pasta bowls that can be made to each customer’s liking. All of the meals come with a warm piadina, or thin Italian flatbread.

If all of the options are too overwhelming, Piada has come up with some genius combinations such as the Tuscan Chicken Salad or Pasta Carbonara that you can choose.

For those of us who drive to school via the Ohio Turnpike (all of us, basically), Piada is conveniently located right off one of the exits. Want something closer? A killer restaurant choice that has opened up on Eddy Street and is very similar to Piada is Barbici. They even have Italian gelato to satisfy your sweet tooth after you’ve finished your meal. Sold.


chipotle addiction

Photo courtesy of Marty Walsh

The home of “burritos without borders”, Currito is set apart from Chipotle by the endless burrito combinations that customers are able to create at the restaurant. The new chain is growing quickly. My friends at the Ohio State University are digging it, and I cannot wait for it to hit South Bend.

Flavor combinations range from a Bangkok Thai burrito that is laden with cool Asian slaw and a sweet and spicy peanut sauce to the Tikka Burrito that overflows with curried chickpeas and cucumber yogurt sauce.

Of course, the classic Mexican burrito with corn salsa and fresh guacamole is fabulous, but what really makes this restaurant so fabulous are the variety of cuisines that are offered.

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