This season, almost everyone is eating one kind of soup: pumpkin. It's pumpkin season, and everyone knows it. It can get tiring, though! If you're tired of eating pumpkin soup every season and want to add a twist to your cooking routine, you definitely want to try one of the most unique and delicious soup recipes I've ever tried: rice soup.

Rice soup is a recipe that can be found in John Townshend's cooking book, "The Universal Cook" , originally published in 1773. Now, don't be fooled! The name of this dish can be misleading, mainly because it sounds like it would be some type of broth-based dinner meal. However, in reality, it is a sweet breakfast food and does not look like a soup at all. This dish makes for a delicious holiday meal that will have you singing Christmas tunes all year long.

Sabrina Fernandez

Rice Soup With a Twist

Here, you can see how to make the original rice soup. But don't start cooking too fast, now! Get the basic idea of the recipe, but familiarize yourself with my tips on how to modernize this 18th century breakfast to make it extra delicious.

First off, save your rice! In the original recipe, they tell you to boil rice with cinnamon sticks. However, in the hustle and bustle of modern day life, we don't always have to cook rice in the morning. Instead, use the leftover rice from last night's dinner and for every 1 cup of cooked rice, add 1-2 teaspoons of powdered cinnamon. This will save you time, and give you a more flavorful taste.  

rice, cereal, risotto
Jocelyn Hsu

Skip the Wine

You're probably thinking, "Why skip the wine? That's the best part!" Don't worry, friends. We're still going to have a hint of alcohol! The reason why the original recipe calls for wine is because we didn't have RumChata in 1773. Wine can add a very overwhelming flavor, and takes a long time to cook down. RumChata, on the other hand, is sweet and doesn't contain a high level of alcohol, so it cooks down faster, which makes the  recipe appropriate for all ages. All you need is one simple shot. If you don't have RumChata, then use whichever type of rum you have; rum doesn't clash with sugar as much as wine, which makes rum a better option.

alcohol, liquor, whisky, wine, tea, beer, ice, rum
Nicole Korolevich

Vanilla is Key

Sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and VANILLA! It almost seems like common sense to add a splash of vanilla to this dish. Be careful not to add too much! All you want is to add enough to turn your rice into a light golden color. For all my sweet-toothed readers out there, I have your back! The touch of vanilla is what makes or breaks this recipe, in my opinion. Add a splash and that's it; too much vanilla will make you frown. A little goes a long way, and it will brighten up your day, guaranteed.

Sabrina Fernandez

Soup it Up

Now we have a mixture of thick, sweet, flavorful rice! What do we do now? Something the video fails to mention is to add heavy cream or milk. This is what makes the recipe a true soup. Depending on whether you like it thicker or thinner, add either heavy cream or milk to top it off. Make sure your liquid of choice is heated and warm. You can separate some milk and use the microwave to warm it up. After you do that, pour it on top of your rice! From here, you can either mix it up and create a oatmeal consistency, or leave it as is and eat it like cereal and milk! 

water, tea, milk
Alex Frank


Now its time to enjoy your creation! It is warm, sweet, and delicious. This twist on the original rice soup recipe is sure to be a hit; it is extremely filling and satisfying, and perfect to keep you warm during a cold winter morning! The best holiday meal, hands down.