Stretch out those taste buds and grab your fun times hat because the season of warm weather is practically here. And what better way to welcome the sunshine than with a spicy jalapeño margarita and the timeless breakfast burrito for brunch.

The sweet and spicy combination of this jalapeño margarita paired with this protein and veggie loaded breakfast burrito will have you feeling some type of way. Let that agave nectar kickstart your brunch and motor you into another day of happy boozing.

Margarita means “pearl” in a bunch of languages, so let that oyster of a hangover produce something awesome—get out there and start brunchin’.


Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 12 minutes
Total Time: 22 minutes

Servings: 1

Jalapeño Margarita:
1 lime
1 jalapeño
2-0z. tequila
2-oz. Gran Marnier

Breakfast Burrito:
1 onion
1 green pepper
1 tomato
1 tortilla
Shredded cheese

Jalapeño Margarita Directions: 
1. Cut lime into wedges.
2. Wet rim of glass with lime wedge.
3. Salt rim of glass.
4. Add 2-oz. lime juice.
5. Add 2-oz. Gran Marnier.
6. Add 2-3-oz. tequila.
7. Add 2 slices of jalapeño.
8. Stir it on up.
9. Drink it on down.

“My hat fell off.”

Breakfast Burrito Directions: 
1. Slice and dice onion.
2. Slice and dice tomato.
3. Slice and dice green pepper.
4. Slice jalapeño (add at your own risk).
5. Pour all ingredients onto a pan and cook on high until whenever you feel is right.
6. Sprinkle salt on top of ingredients.
7. Crack and open 3 eggs into a bowl.
8. Add cheese.
9. Beat or whisk or mix cheese and eggs in bowl.

“We’re beating, we’re beating, we’re drinking, we’re drinking.”

10. Pour all ingredients out of the bowl and onto a pan.
11. Scramble eggs on the pan.
12. Add cooked vegetables onto the eggs and mix ingredients.

“We’re gonna pour in the vegetables now…get in there.”

13. Pour ingredients onto tortilla.
14. Enjoy your creation.

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