Fall is the time of year when we drop the soft serve for fresh, warm baked goods. Cookies are a convenient, delicious treat that gain popularity during the season for obvious reasons. For some people, however, gluten allergies or other dietary restrictions can get in the way of this enjoyment. The paleo lifestyle is the healthiest, yummiest solution to this problem. Here are five of my favorite paleo cookie recipes you should make this season.

1. Thick & Chewy Paleo Chocolate Chip Cookies  

If you love a classic, soft cookie with tons of chocolate chips, then this chocolate chip cookie recipe is for you! The almond butter in the recipe blends smoothly with the nut flours in it, getting rid of the usual gunky texture known to paleo cookies. If you're using coconut oil and coconut sugar, you'll get more of an almond joy taste which sets this treat on a whole other level.

2. Almond Butter Blondie Cookie Bar   

Yes, thick cookie bars are a thing and they are delicious! Almond butter acts as a close substitute to peanut butter in this blondie cookie bar recipe, and the combination with chocolate chips is simple yet important. The thickness of the bar makes this paleo cookie perfect for dessert or a snack on the run. 

3. Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies  

We can't forget the iconic fall pumpkin flavor! This pumpkin chocolate chip cookie adds a tangy yet sweet kick to the typical chocolate chip creation.

#SpoonTip: If you can't stand pumpkin spice, add some cinnamon in the mix with the dry ingredients. A subtle, yet beautiful touch to really enhance that pumpkin taste.

4. Paleo Snickerdoodles  

Want a break from chocolate? Well, these snickerdoodles will fix up your cravings. Plus, your vegan friends can also enjoy them! The cookie itself is soft with a little crunch on the edges to give you the best of both worlds. The cinnamon is a good balance between sweet and semi-spicy to help you really switch up your cookie habits. 

5. Skillet Cookie  

If you're having a small, intimate dinner party with friends but don't want to bake a whole batch of cookies, then this paleo skillet cookie is for you. The texture of this cookie cake-esque treat is firm on the surface but incredibly molten and melted in the middle. I would suggest making a sundae bar out of this treat with your favorite dairy-free ice cream and homemade coconut caramel.

Whether you're baking in bulk to last you the week or preparing for a fun get together, these paleo cookie recipes will keep your health on track no matter what. Some tips to share when enjoying are eat them fresh out of the oven, grab a cold glass of almond milk, and hide your personal stash from your roommates.