There's a lot of stuff to be thankful for in this world- bread is just one of them. And with so many kinds of bread, from sourdoughs to ciabatta, it's all the more important to match the right spread with the right bread. Here are some of my favorite pairings for any time of day! 

Toasted Dave's Killer Bread Sprouted 21 Seed & Chocolate Spread, Banana, and Chia Seeds 

Who knew breakfast could taste this good? Add a schmear of your favorite chocolate spread to go along with Dave's Killer Bread; each slice has 5g of protein! Chop up bananas and sprinkle chia seeds for an extra Omega-3 boost. 

Griddled Sourdough & Olive Oil, Crushed Garlic, and Fresh Rosemary

It's like garlic bread, but just upgraded! Heat up a skillet on medium-high heat with a little bit of olive oil. Once hot, place the sourdough face down in the pan, putting gentle pressure on the piece so it browns. After 1-2 minutes, flip over and do the same on the other side. Once cooked, brush on olive oil and sprinkle toppings.

Ciabatta & Sautéed Mushrooms, Caramelized Onion, and Thyme

Ciabatta is the perfect type of bread for these toppings because of how hearty it is. To prepare, sauté red onion and fresh thyme in a skillet over medium heat. When onion becomes fragrant, add the mushrooms and continue cooking. Ladle over a slice of ciabatta (the fresher, the better) and enjoy!

French Bread & Sliced Tomatoes, Mozzarella, and Basil with a Drizzle of Olive Oil and Sea Salt

My mom used to make bruschetta as a snack; it was very popular in my house! It's the perfect summer recipe when the tomatoes start coming in.

Seedy Multigrain & Butterfly Superfoods' Cinnamon Vanilla Mixed Nut Butter, Thinly Sliced Apples, and Cinnamon Sprinkle

I love a good seedy multigrain bread, but it tastes even better when it's combined with the delicious goodness of Butterfly Superfoods' mixed nut butter! They combine cashews, walnuts, and macadamia nuts with spices and superfoods to make a creamy, drool-worthy spread. I love adding their cinnamon vanilla spread to toast and topping with freshly sliced Cortland apples and cinnamon. The trick is to cut the apples super thin so that you can bite through them! 

Marbled Rye & Pesto, Poached Egg, and Crumbled Bacon

Calling all breakfast lovers, this one is for you! Pair a humble, marbled rye with a layer of pesto, poached egg, and crumbled bacon, You won't be disappointed! 

Toasted Pumpernickel & Goat Cheese, Sliced Prosciutto, Figs, and Balsamic Glaze

Pumpernickel bread is known for its strong rye flavor, so why not pair it with something equally as powerful? This recipe can be made for a party appetizer or a fancy snack! 

Banana Bread & Fix & Fogg Coffee Maple Peanut Butter

Coffee maple peanut butter- that's a thing? Oh yes. And it's divine. You can pick up a jar at Fix & Fogg's website or in any Central Market Stores, along with any of their other fun flavors like Everything Butter, Smoke & Fire, and Dark Chocolate. I think the banana flavor goes so well with the coffee and maple undertones of the peanut butter.