What's the secret to a killer scrambled egg? Some say the trick is in the milk cream, while others swear by a pinch of ground pepper. As a college student who likes doing the bare minimum in the kitchen for maximum taste and flavor, I too have very strong opinions on what makes a great scrambled egg. 

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Kelsey Emery

After a lot of trial and error, I've finally discovered the ultimate flavor enhancer for a simple scrambled egg-- *cue drumroll* it's garlic powder. Just one teaspoon can transform the blandest eggs into a flavorful, satisfying meal. It's not just me, though-- even Kylie Jenner uses garlic powder to make her famous ramen noodles

Siya Chandrie

To make the garlic flavor stand out, it's also necessary to ensure that the texture of the eggs is perfect. Add a teaspoon of butter and three tablespoons of whole milk (for every 2 eggs) to get a creamy, fluffy consistency. Add the garlic powder as soon as you see that the eggs have started cooking, so that the seasoning is spread evenly throughout.

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Mackenzie Barth

#Spoontip: I also like to add a generous helping of crushed pepper to season my eggs after they're ready, to increase the spice the level. 

So the next time you find yourself hungry, lazy and looking for a cheap but delicious breakfast, make sure you add just a pinch of garlic powder to take those generic scrambled eggs to the next level.