Mac & Cheese Waffle

The perfect mix of breakfast and dinner and a delicious combination of gooey and crispy! All you need is mac & cheese and a waffle iron.

Mac & Cheese Taco

Just an extra topping to put in your favorite Mexican creation, in addition to whatever else you choose to eat on a taco. So load me up hombre, its taco time!

Deep Fried Mac & Cheese

Anything that's fried is amazing. Am I wrong? That was a rhetorical question, I mean who doesn't love deep fried food??

Mac & Cheese Burrito

Another Mexican dish that can get only better with the addition of mac & cheese stuffed inside. I'm sorry....Chipoltle who?

Mac & Cheese Muffin

Easy to eat, easy to make. Put mac & cheese in a muffin tin, pop it in your mouth when it's ready. Add some bacon to it for a little something extra!

Mac & Cheese Pizza

Literally just mac & cheese on bread with more cheese sprinkled on top. As if pizza doesn't already have enough cheese on it, why not add more! Diet: Gluten, gluten, gluten, carbs, carbs, carbs. Spring break can wait, right?

Mac & Cheese Eggrolls

Typically, Asian based delicacies don't include mac & cheese in the recipe... but is there any reason why they shouldn't? These old recipes need some new endings after all.

Mac & Cheese Nachos

It's not like nachos don't already have a million and one toppings on them, just add one more! Use Doritos as the chips to make it even more delicious. Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese? You decide.