Every region of the country has its own staple dishes. In New England, regional dishes mostly revolve around seafood, maple, apples, dairy, and blueberries. Here are six New England recipes for you to try in your own kitchen! 

Fluffernutter Sandwiches

If you grew up in Southern New England, Fluffernutters were quite possibly the best school lunch ever. Fluffternutters are just that: peanut butter and mountains of marshmallow fluff sandwiched between two slices of white sandwich bread. You can also make some creative variations on the traditional fluffernutter, like these fluffernutter cookie bars.

Boston Baked Beans

A summer dinner in New England isn't complete without a crock of baked beans! This recipe is made with Navy beans and a secret ingredient (salt pork)!  You can serve them with beef franks and another New England classic: brown bread

New England Clam Chow-dah

If you're not from New England, you might not recognize the primary difference between Rhode Island and New England Clam Chowder. The secret is in the sauce; New England Clam Chowder is made with cream while Rhode Island chowder is just a broth (a sad, sad, broth). Everyone makes New England Clam Chowder differently; my mom always made it with red potatoes while others prefer white potatoes. 

The secret to good, creamy chowder? Fresh clams. Oh, and bacon. Good bacon. My mom's recipe is an adaptation from the Food Network

Apple Cider Donuts

No visit to the cider mill or orchard is complete without a couple of these apple cider donuts! These donuts are cakey and covered with a delicious cinnamon sugar blend. 

Lobsta' Roll

Nothing screams summer quite like a lobster roll by the shoreline. Lobster rolls can be served hot or cold and modified to include avocado or cajun spice. 

Boston Cream Pie

Finish of your day of New England eats with this Boston Cream pie recipe. It's made with packaged cake mix and pudding, so it's super easy to make. You can also make [portable] Boston Cream inspired cupcakes! 

What is your favorite New England dish? Share in the comments below!