Olive oil is a staple in many kitchens around the world for a good reason. Olive oil is used for baking, cooking and as a dipping sauce for bread. I've never really thought twice about olive oil, let alone it's health benefits until I met The Governor. 

What Is The Governor Olive Oil?

Photo courtesy of Kyoord

Distributed by Kyoord in North America, The Governor is the ultimate high-end extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). The Governor comes in two forms: Premium Edition Cold-Pressed and Limited Edition Early Harvest.

The Premium Edition consists of a floral and fruity flavor with notes of green tomatoes, green almonds, and pink pepper. The Premium Edition is available in a limited-edition transparent bottle that illuminates its golden-green color.

As part of The Early Harvest Limited Edition you will experience a peppery and robust flavor with notes of arugula, chicory, and artichokes topped off with aromas of fresh-cut grass and violets. This form is available in an opaque, painted glass bottle to protect it from the light. 

Might as well treat yourself after the couple of months we've just had!

Health Benefits Of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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We are living in a time where people are prioritizing their health more now than ever. If you are looking for another way to boost your health, you can thank Dr. Limor Goren, cancer researcher and molecular biologist.  

Dr. Goren has dedicated her research to one of the most important anti-inflammatory molecules found in medicinal olive oil called Oleocanthal. Her discoveries have shown that Oleocanthal is toxic to cancer and that olive oils rich in this molecule are an effective way to kill various kinds of cancer cells.

With that being said, The Governor contains 8 times more oleocanthal and other biophenols than other brands. Not only can it help protect against cancer, but also Alzheimers and hypertension.

Where To Find Kyoord's The Governor Olive Oil

Photo courtesy of Kyoord

Whether you want to add some flavor to your meals or boost your health, you can find The Governor EVOO on store shelves across the U.S. thanks to Kyoord

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