Let’s be real — when sipping our morning cups o’ joe, whether it be the cheapest thing on the menu at the Starbucks around the corner or whatever we could smash into our Keurig, we’re internally wishing for something a bit higher in quality.

But we’re also college students — and stereotypical college students, at that. While unashamedly caffeine deprived, we’re also undoubtedly broke. Even when our Instagrams are begging us for a quality latte art pic, our wallets are screaming at us to stay at home and maybe sorta find a job to fuel our espresso sprees.


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This is where Cups comes in. A newly released app on the App Store (and Google Play, for the Android peeps out there), Cups provides prepaid plans at a discounted price for coffee at a surplus of partner cafes throughout the greater NYC area.

Basically how it works is you upload a set amount of money onto Cups, pick a plan that works best for you (A fan of a regular brew? Or maybe something on the sweeter side — mochas, chai lattes? They’ve got something for everyone!), check out their map with all of their partner stores labelled neatly, and then go get your coffee on.


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All of their partner stores are certifiably quality, specialty coffee bars — for a significantly cheaper price than the commercial shops, Cups gives us budget-seeking New Yorkers a chance to experience the BEST the city has to offer without causing a financial deficit in our wallets.


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It gets better, too — they have regular deals running around the clock in addition to the solidly cheap prices they’ve got set as pre-paid plans. If you download the app now, the first cup is on them. That’s right — cup of anything. Have an innate desire to buy the largest, most expensive thing on the menu? Now’s the time!


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And be sure to invite your friends, too. If they download the app and use an access code you provide – basically if you’re the one making them download it — you both get $10 to spend on whatever plan you’d like. More. Free. Coffee. All of the free coffee. You can’t go wrong!