It's 9 o'clock in the evening and you're desperately craving for something sweet — but alas! You don't have much in the house and you really don't want to wait 20 minutes for a cake to bake. Well, this is your lucky day because I am coming to your rescue! I am here charitably sharing my secret vegan mug cake recipe, ready in only 3 minutes. You might call it the best mug cake recipe you'll ever try!

First things first: you really don't need much for this vegan mug cake recipe.  All of the ingredients are easily replaceable and there are a few ways you can customise it — look for my tips in each step!


Heema Gokani

5 tablespoons of flour

1 tablespoon of cocoa powder

Half a teaspoon of a raising agent (e.g. baking powder)

1 tablespoon of oil

2 teaspoons of syrup (e.g. golden or agave)

Plant-based milk (e.g. coconut, oat or almond)

Step 1: mix dry ingredients

Heema Gokani

Try to be as thorough as possible when mixing the dry ingredients. You should get a mixture as homogenous as possible.

#customiseit: you can easily mix the flour with a protein flour if you're someone who works out a lot. Or leave out the cocoa powder completely and turn it into a lemon, confetti or coconut cake!

Step 2: add the oil and the syrup

Heema Gokani

You could pre-mix the oil and the syrup together, but it is not necessary.

#customiseit: my favourite syrup to use is actually maple, but anything will work just fine! Also, if you want to make it into a lemon cake, this is the moment where you'd add the juice of half a lemon a bit of lemon zest!

Step 3: add plant based mylk

Heema Gokani

Now, this is the tricky and fun part. The consistency you want to get to with the mylk is completely up to you. For a cake-like texture you want to add about 1/2 a cup of liquid. But if you're a fudgy-cake lover, feel free to add more! 

#customiseit: choose the flavoured mylk that works best with what you're making, such as hazelnut or oat for chocolate, coconut for a coconut or lemon cake, or soy for a protein punch!

Step 3: mix all the ingredients very well

Heema Gokani

Something I hate when I make a mug cake is finding clumps of unmixed flour at the bottom. Trust me, spend a couple of extra seconds mixing – you won't regret it!

#customiseit: this is for the fans of decadent chocolate cakes: add a square of chocolate in the middle of the mixture and you will have a heart of melty goodness! Or you can add some coconut flakes on top!

Step 4: finally, cook it!

Heema Gokani

Now, put your mug in the microwave for 3 minutes exactly. That's it. Now you have a perfect, delicious, mug cake!