The best post-workout eats in New Orleans are here just in time for your spring break diet. I don't know about you but I am in desperate need of a cycle class and smoothie bowl. Now you can stay busy, stay active, and most importantly, stay full.

1. If You Go to... Free to Be Yoga

Jenny Rosenthal

Raw Republic is conveniently located just a block over from this go-to hot yoga spot. After you sweat out all your toxins from the weekend, it's a great idea to hydrate with their cucumber-infused water. You can't go wrong with any item on their menu. They have avocado toast, salads, as well as grab 'n go items. But their most popular meal (and most Instagram-able) is the açaí bowl. This delicious smoothie bowl is packed with granola, nuts, and berries, which are sure to revive you.

My favorite meal at Raw Republic is their Falafel Wrap. It's super tasty and super filling. I like to pair my wrap with their Firestarter Juice, which is great if you're feeling a little under the weather. 

2. If You Go to... CycleBar NOLA


Jianna Voghel

Superfood Bar is just a quick five-minute walk down the street from this spin studio. This hidden gem is perfect for those who are gluten-free, vegan, or raw. If you are feeling a little basic, they have a delicious acai bowl to curb your cravings.

I got the Viet Wrap and Green Pineapple Smoothie. They were both amazing and not too expensive for the portion. You can also get the wraps styled as a salad if you're feeling something lighter.  


3. If You Go To... Romney Studios

Jianna Voghel

The delicious and health conscious Whole Foods is right across the street from Romney Studios. This studio offers cycle, barre, pilates, boxing, yoga, and a unique megaformer class so you will never run out of fun workouts here. I promise you whatever you're craving after an intense session at Romney, Whole Foods has. From their prepared to made to order meals, Whole Foods has every post-workout eat that you could desire.

After my megaformer class, I desperately needed a fresh salad. I was impressed by Whole Food's extensive and tempting salad bar. Their extensive bar has so many options it is sure to satisfy the pickiest of eaters. I also grabbed a Lemon Ginger Green Tea to hydrate. This was definitely my favorite meal this week.  


4. If You Go to... Barre3 Magazine

Jianna Voghel

Barre3 Magazine is a short 7-minute walk away from my favorite post-workout eat D'juice. If you are in rush post-workout and don't have time to stop, don't worry, D'Juice delivers for free!

I decided to splurge at D'Juice and I got an avocado toast with a poached egg and bacon. Alongside my toast, I got an It's Not Easy Being Green Smoothie, which is their best seller for a good reason. D'Juice also has smoothie bowls, salads, sandwiches, and wraps, so no matter what you're feeling there's an option for you. 


5. If You Go to... Reily Campus Recreation at Tulane

Jianna Voghel

If you stayed on campus to get in your workout, I highly recommend you go to go to Le'Gourmet afterward. I get it, you're tight on time and you want to squeeze in a quick workout in between classes. Be sure to stop by Le'Gourmet on the way back to your dorm after your great Reily workout.

With wraps, stir-fry, juice, and soups, Le'Gourmet's great menu is sure to satisfy your hunger. I prefer a cold-pressed juice accompanied by a wrap. My favorite wrap is the avocado-hummus wrap in a spinach tortilla. If you haven't noticed, I'm a huge fan of wraps

No matter where you workout or what type of food you like, replenishing your body is very important. Don't forget to drink plenty of fluids and eat a healthy amount of protein after all of your workouts.

I prefer a cold-pressed juice accompanied by a wrap. My favorite wrap is the Avocado-Hummus wrapped in a whole-wheat tortilla. If you didn't notice already, I'm a huge fan of wraps.