When it comes to plant-based and vegan/vegetarian food, it has never been a better time to start eating more plants. More options than ever before are now available for those who wish to swap out meat and dairy. Whether you want to make the plunge into veganism or just start eating more plants, here are 10 amazing recipes that will help you rethink what you might consider vegan food.

1. Katsu Curry

Love Japanese food? Take inspiration from a classic yoshoku and make the Avant-Garde Vegan's Katsu Curry. Crispy breaded tofu, squash, and zucchini mingle with a sweet-spicy Japanese-style curry gravy/sauce and are complemented by a light and fresh salad. Vegan food has never been more delicious!

2. Portobello Mushroom Burgers

I've made this burger before and it is easily one of the best burgers I've had. Make the potato wedges as well; you won't regret it.

3. Vegan Butternut Squash Tacos (and Vegan Breakfast Tacos)

I had to include a recipe from Hot For Food here because all of Lauren Toyota's recipes are amazing, and these tacos are no exception. Crunchy crumb-coated butternut squash? Sweet peppers? Fresh cilantro sauce? GET IN MAH BELLEH.

4. Mauritian-Style Sauteed Cabbage and Potatoes (Touffer Lichou)

Super-cheap, super-tasty, and super-filling. Cabbage and potatoes come together with the to make this vegan Mauritian dish.

5. Vegan Biryani

On those days when you want a good hearty meal minus the meat, VeganLovlie's Mauritian biryani (briyani) most definitely hits the spot, with tender vegetables, perfectly cooked chunks of TVP (textured vegetable protein, available at any Indian store under the name "soya chunks"), delicately spiced rice, and crispy potatoes and onions. Serve with vegan raita (a mix of vegan yogurt and diced cucumbers). Who said vegan food can't be versatile?

6. Vegan Ramen

For those cold days when you just want a warm belly hug try this awesome ramen recipe.

7. Vegan Lasagna

When you crave a good lasagna, the Avant-Garde Vegan has got your back. This cheesy and hearty lasagna is vegan comfort food at its best.

8. Vegan Chipotle Hashbrown Sandwich

Potatoes. Bread. Chipotle sauce. This sandwich is truly a pinnacle of vegan food.

9. Sweet Potato Cinnamon Rolls

Craving vegan food that isn't savory? Look no further. These vegan sweet potato cinnamon rolls will help you up your dessert game.

10. Fettuccine Twirls with Garlicky Purple Cabbage and a Cheesy Chickpea Sauce

Minimalist influencer Jenny Mustard has been one of my muses for a while now. If you are craving hearty vegan food along with tips to declutter your life, her website and Youtube channels are the place to go. This recipe is from one of her old What I Eat in a Day videos and is a genius way to make use of purple cabbage, a vegetable that otherwise tends to get shafted as a sandwich filling or a salad component. The cheesy chickpea sauce is an absolutely genius way to get something like a creamy mornay sauce without flour, butter/fat, or milk.

So the next time you want to eat meatless, hopefully you will turn to these easy vegan recipes for ideas about what to include in your weekly rotation. Who said plant-based eating couldn't be easy and delicious?