Pizza is an American treasure, but nothing beats a NYC pizza slice. From a dollar slice to a gourmet pie, NYC has got it all. Recently, many NYC pizza eateries have expanded into gluten free crusts, and it's been a game changer. Here is where to get the best gluten free pizza in NYC.

Whether you're getting these bites for allergy or health reasons, these are the best places to find yourself a gluten free slice. 

1. Ribalta

Ribalta is an Italian restaurant that brings the Neapolitan style pizza from Naples to New York City. The place offers an array of gluten free pizzas, from the classic Quattro Formaggi (four cheese) to a Ribalta original, the Nobile ( mozzarella, gorgonzola, truffle sauce, and shaved black truffle).

#SpoonTip: They even let you add french fries as a topping for your custom pizza. Is that great or what? 

 2Kesté Pizza & Vino

What goes best with a glass of vino? A whole pie, and thankfully Kesté Pizza & Vino has an ample supply of both. Kesté is great with almost any diet, from gluten free to vegetarian. So, whether you want the vegana that is full of fresh veggies, their famous pistachio e salsiccia with gluten free dough, or the classic Molise, Kesté has got you covered. 

3. Rubirosa Ristorante

Not only is Rubirosa Ristorante a paradise for pizza lovers, but it also caters to those of us who are gluten free. They have entire menu dedicated to their gluten free offerings. From gluten free mozzarella sticks, gluten free penne lightly tossed in garlic and olive oil, or over a dozen wafer thin crust pizzas, Rubirosa has got it all. 

4. Bleecker Street Pizza 

Bleecker Street Pizza is a celebrity hangout: Kylie Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, Kristen Bell, and Brooke Shields have all been snapped visiting this local eatery. They are probably fans of Bleecker Street's 100% gluten free options that make this pizza place even trendier. 

5. Rossopomodoro 

The chef at Rossopomodoro was able to create a special proprietary gluten free flour blend. This blend is made with buckwheat flour and corn, rice and gluten-free wheat flours. Thus, he was able to prepare a pizza dough that's both nutritious and rave-worthy. The crust was also slightly caramelized, making the pizza an impeccable balance of sweet and salty. 

  6. Two Boots 

When you want to eat pizza and chill in NYC? Two Boots is the place to turn to. This place offers unique pizzas with funky names such as the Dude (cajun bacon cheeseburger pie), or the Bayou Beast (spiced shrimp, crawfish, andouille, jalapeño's and mozzarella) . 

7. Adoro Lei 

This trendy spot has a lot of healthy options. From numerous salads (Citrus Pear and Garden of Eden) to the fun apps (roasted beets) and the gluten free pizza, Adoro Lei is a health conscious New Yorker's dream. 

8. Nizza

Nizza has a dope gluten free base made out of chickpea socca (but it ain't hummus pizza). Enjoy this crust on such pizzas as burrata, mushroom, pepperoni and more. 

9. Bistango 

Lets tango at Bistango to celebrate the fact that this restaurant has taken gluten free food to a whole new level. You can get everything gluten free, from pasta, bread, to pizzette.

9. Mozzarellis 

This family friendly eatery was created for families of those who are gluten sensitive to indulge in a New Yorkers to-go treat. Mozzarellis is completely gluten free, but it doesn't skimp on the flavor, so it's perfect for your gluten-loving friends as well. 

10. Pizzarte

When you want stick to the basics, head to Pizzarte. With  a minimalistic selection of delectable gluten free pizzas, you'll be transported back to Italia. 

11. Emporio 

For just an additional $2 you can devour in over ten kinds of house-made gluten free pizza's at Emporio. You can either go a little fancy with a sweet sausage and mushroom, or simple with an Emporio margherita; both of them will be delectable. 

Whether you're looking for traditional, trendy, or ~healthy~ pizza, this should help you be able to find some of the best gluten free pizza in NYC.