Here are my top ten of the most #instaworthy banana bread pics I compiled together. Whether you're looking for some baking inspo or just have couple minutes to spare dreaming of actual food that doesn't resemble a dining hall in between study breaks, take a look at some beautiful banana bread, and enjoy! 

1. Rachel Mansfield's Marble Banana Bread

Famous foodie blogger Rachel Mansfield has the banana bread game down. The marble madness could not be more on point, and serves as an excellent twist on a classic recipe! 

2. The "Classic" Chocolate Chip Banana Bread 

Seriously my personal favorite kind of banana bread is one with loads of chocolate chips, and this pic seriously takes the cake, or should I say bread ;) #punintended #dadjoke

3. Banana Bread Muffins 

For when you're getting a little sick of the rectangular bread shape, throw the mix in a muffin container! Same great taste in super convenient, bite-size form

4. Chai Streusel Banana Bread 

This bread screams Fancy. And it's aesthetically pleasing to the Insta feed and probably really freakin' good. Kinda like a 'chai latte meets french toast meets bananas,' seriously needa try.  

5. Brown Butter Blueberry Banana Bread 

What to do when you're getting a tad sick of the banana taste (if that's even possible) is add in some bluebs! Not only are they pretty to look at, but they add a great source of tang to the sweetness of the banana bread. 

6. Seriously Moist Choco-Chip Banana Bread 

Yes, this is another picture of chocolate chip banana bread. BUT look at it! So pleasing. So classic. Just perfection in my opinion. 

7. Vegan Chocolate Berry Banana Bread 

Chocolate. Blueberries. Banana. Flavor overload, but its also vegan so its #healthy right? 

8. Whole Wheat Banana Bread Pancakes 

Sick of the bread?! Throw that batter on a skillet and whip up some pancakes. Delicious breakfast alternative! 

9. Buckwheat Espresso Hazelnut Banana Bread 

Who needs a cup of coffee on the side, when you can throw the espresso into your breakfast banana bread?! Right?! Okay so you might still need the cup-a-joe, but this seriously couldn't sound and look more beautiful. 

10. Jeannette Ogden's Chocolate Reishi Banana Bread 

Last, but definitely not least (seriously there are thousands of #bananabreadpics to choose from) is mega famous food blogger Jeannette Ogden's chocolate reishi banana bread with peanut butter drizzle - could not look and sound more lit.