Whether you are watching The Bachelorette with a group of your closest girlfriends, with your dog, or just your mom-here are some tasty snacks to munch on while watching a group of men fall helplessly in love with Rachel.  

Skinny POP Popcorn

Lea Walsh

Gluten free, only 39 calories per serving, and already impeccably popped without the assistance of a microwave-this popcorn is not only great tasting, but also just right for watching an extremely uncomfortable group date that ends with an anxiety provoking rose ceremony.

Mini Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream Cups

cream, chocolate, ice, milk, dairy product, sweet, coffee, caramel, wafer
Rachel Kalichman

If you tend to skip the ice cream section in the supermarket to avoid going home and accidentally eating the entire tub yourself, these mini ice cream cups were made especially for you. Flavors range from Belgium Chocolate, Coffee, and even Blueberries and Cream. Add a pinch of rainbow sprinkles to Vanilla ice cream, and you have your very own mini ice cream sundae-a super sweet snack just as sweet as some of those one-on-one dates.

Tortilla Chips and Salsa

guacamole, pepper, salsa, tomato, vegetable
Sydney Segal

This option is quick and easy for your group of girls coming over to watch The Bachelorette. Add a variety of salsas, ranging from mild, medium, and hot on the side. Then dip accordingly to how each contestant interacts with Rachel. Super boring conversation about the weather? Mild sauce. Super steamy kiss in a hot tub? Definitely deserves a dip in the hot sauce.

Oreos and Milk

peanut butter, cream, marshmallow, cookie, chocolate
Kelly Ho

Rough day at work? Feeling stressed? Don’t worry; Rachel is in the same boat trying to find the love of her life on national television. Treat yourself to some classic Oreos on a day you just need to indulge a bit more than usual. The gym will still be there tomorrow, but The Bachelorette won’t be on for another week.

Justin’s Peanut Butter Cup

chocolate, peanut butter, butter, candy, peanut, sweet
Jude Alsawah

A slightly upgraded version of Reese’s Pieces, these small peanut butter cups combine the two best foods on the planet- peanut butter and chocolate- all into one delicious bite. These peanut butter cups are also easily accessible; just pick one up as you wait in line at Target, or even on your next Starbucks run. Enjoy these peanut butter cups while watching Rachel and her guys do something totally spontaneous-like riding horses in Beverly Hills or traveling to some grand, beautiful destination. 

Mochi Ice Cream

cream, dairy product, candy, mochi, egg, sweet
Gabby Phi

This sweet treat is a treasure found at Trader Joe’s. Flavors range from Green Tea, Mango, Chocolate, and more. With powdered mochi on the outside, and refreshing ice cream on the inside, this snack is both sweet inside and out- kind of like Rachel, who not only always manages to look on point with her dazzling sparkly gowns at each cocktail party, but also has an irresistible personality to match.

Alma Wang

So there you have it, some simple, yet tasty snack ideas to munch on while watching The Bachelorette. Give one a shot, and you might just be lucky enough to find “the one." That being your perfect Bachelorette watching snack!