Whether the thought of another sip of a pumpkin spice latte makes you recoil in horror or the prospect of picking out the best pumpkin for carving is the highlight of your fall season, pumpkin is the new poster child for all that is autumn. Regardless of your stance on squashes and gourds, we live in a world where deep fried pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin spice flavored Pringles exist.

It’s about time we rethink our options.

Consider these neglected fall foods and add a different kind of spice to your autumn days.

For the Love of Pie

Even after eating a full holiday spread (and probably coming back for seconds), there’s always room for dessert. Instead of reaching for the typical slice of pumpkin pie, try these mini apple bites. With a juicy and tart apple center wrapped in a crispy cinnamon crust, this remix on a beloved classic isn’t just tasty but also easy to eat and easy to make. The only trouble is stopping at just one. Check out this recipe for a vanilla glaze on top of all the apple goodness.

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Photo by flickr user jenny makes stuff

Oh My Gourd

For the adventurous pumpkin lovers, pumpkin lasagna can satisfy the most insatiable appetites. But maybe pumpkin isn’t filling that hole in your life (or the bottomless pit in your stomach). Maybe it’s time to experiment with another gourd. Enter: the butternut squash. For the uninitiated and the unconvinced, try this roasted butternut squash and bacon pasta. Cheesy, hearty and undeniably a comfort food at its core, this recipe is the grown up version of mac and cheese. Add toasted hazelnuts for an extra crunch factor.

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Photo by flickr user TheFairView

A Lot More to Life Than Lattes

With the beginnings of brisk and windy weather, we need to find another way to stay warm besides cable knit sweaters and worn cardigans (as well-loved as they may be). Embrace the cold with a piping hot cup of spiced cranberry cider instead of the controversial pumpkin spice latte. Brown sugar and allspice make the concoction a fall essential, while a surprising addition of pineapple juice gives an extra kick to the drink. Don’t forget the whipped cream when testing out this recipe.

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Photo by Emily Ho

Crunch on This

Getting back into the groove of classes and exams during the fall can be painful, but the study snacks do make the process more bearable. Trail mix is a healthier alternative for late night munching than a handful of vinegar chips, but the combination of cashews, peanuts and M&M’s can get old fast. Roasted pumpkin seeds offer a means of using every last bit of pumpkin from carving, but maple glazed walnuts are a crunchier and sweeter option. Pair these walnuts with salads or oatmeal or just eat them by the handful. (Pro tip: place one walnut at the end of every paragraph as a reward for finishing your required reading.)

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Photo by flickr user Karen Vorraa

There’s no need to overdose on pumpkin this fall. Give your tastebuds a break and share some love with the other fall flavors. With crisp leaves crackling beneath your feet and a steaming cup of cider in hand, a festive autumn awaits.