If you are a fan of DIY picnics, aesthetic flower bouquets, and superfoods, Coterie Market is Gainesville’s newest hub for your Pinterest pop-girly dreams.

Sydney Mills

Coterie Market was created as a startup by Kate and Braden, two Florida natives who enjoy traveling and drawing from local culture to create unique blends of flavor and style. Their passion for doing so is unveiled in the name of their creation; Coterie describes a small group of people that are bonded by similar interests in culture, society, or lifestyle. For this reason, one of the missions of Coterie Market is to establish a local identity that merges diverse cultures, specifically in Gainesville.

So, how exactly do they do this, and how can you attain your Pinterest picnic-y dreams?

Initial Impressions

I attended the Florida Vintage Market on a Gainesville Sunday in February, where Kate and Braden established a pop-up market. Preceding this, they had traveled around the state to cities like Ocala and Orlando to reach a greater audience through pop-ups at local happenings. I was immediately greeted by a breezy ambiance that suited the colorful drinks they had on their menu display. As someone who appreciates the inherent value of superfoods, I could not wait to experience their super drinks, which were truly, super tasty.

Sydney Mills

Taste Test

Kate was kind enough to provide a sampler tasting of the menu items. Besides containing organic ingredients, they are also naturally sweetened and dairy free — made with oat milk.

Sydney Mills

I initially sipped on the "Flower Power," which contains hibiscus, ashwagandha, collagen and cinnamon. Collagen has been an upcoming trend in the health industry, due to its intake being loaded with protein that enhances tissue and muscle strength. Naturally, I was greeted by flowery hints introduced by the hibiscus, that accompanied the creamy oat milk. There was a purified sensation that satisfied my palate with every initial sip, and a sweet aftertaste to top it all off. Feeling healthy and younger with every sip, I would recommend this to any beauty guru.

Following the flowery hints, I decided to try the "Golden Hour." Although pungent, this punchy drink is softened by zesty tones and warm spices: pumpkin spice and nutmeg. This drink would be perfect for a cozy fall day, or a hot summer afternoon. It was the most upfront and strong latte I encountered during my sampling, and might not be appropriate for those with picky food habits. Nevertheless, this drink was comparable to a chai latte ginger blend, suitable for any fall-loving health nut.

Sydney Mills

I was then captivated by the rich blue of the "Berry Floss" — a drink made with Butterfly Pea tea, maca, blue spirulina, lavender, and honey. Although the presence of the superfood powders may seem overwhelming, I was pleasantly surprised by the vanilla undertones I tasted in the Berry Floss. There was a creamy consistency with every refreshing sip, yet fresh qualities brought about by the honey and lavender flavors interweaving.

I had been waiting for this caffeine dose the entire day, so I was naturally most excited to try the "Shroomie," an arabica coffee blend with mushroom superfoods including reishi, lion’s mane dandelion root, and chaga. These are all anti-inflammatory and mood-balancing, immune-boosting superfoods. Mushrooms are often hit-or-miss foods — you either love them or hate them. However, these mushrooms lack the mushroomy flavor, in fact, you cannot detect them in the slightest. Kate describes the "Shroomie" as a "cold hot chocolate" and I could not agree more. Hot days in Florida are the perfect days for a "cold hot chocolate," as I soon found out. The subtle hints of chocolate complemented the earthy coffee taste, which satisfied my sweet and caffeine cravings throughout the day.

Want More?

The future of the Coterie Market is promising and upcoming, expected to open around May 2023. Besides DIY bouquets and superfood latte powders, the market itself will showcase international and local vendor goods such as crochet bags, soaps, makeup, Create-Your-Own perfume/cologne and even protein powders.

If you are interested in finding out more about Coterie Market and their events, make sure to check them out on their website and Instagram