If you’re new to the trend, Snapchat Spectacles are a new tech innovation that’s been grabbing a lot of attention. They’re camera-equipped sunglasses that let you record 10-second circular videos that you can share to all your Snapchat followers. The camera in the glasses is equipped with a 115-degree field of view and LED lights that blink to let people know that they’re being recorded.

Sound cool? Well, they aren’t officially on sale yet, but they have been popping up in vending machines across the country.  But once they become on sale to the public, Spectacles are going to revolutionize the way food influencers Snapchat.

With Spectacles, users are allowed to record 10 second high-quality videos of what's in front of them (sorry, no selfies). This means that food influencers are able to publicize what they are eating, in real time, with no filters or other edits.  Spectacles will add a sense of "realness" to the food influencing industry, which is often an illusion thanks to Photoshop and other editing software.

Food influencers, especially Snapchat food influencers, will be able to use Spectacles to further connect with their audiences. Viewers will be able to see exactly what the influencer sees, further personalizing the experience. The mission of the Spectacles isn't to create #FoodPorn or even to capture long videos but to share these intimate moments, which wouldn't be shared otherwise.

We had our friend Caleb Chin send us a video of him eating In-N-Out to see how the Spectacles worked. Besides being super jealous that he's enjoying the a juicy burger, we can see that the Spectacles allows him to show us this memorable moment to create #FoodPorn.

One unique feature, however, about the Spectacle is the 115-degree field of vision. Because, when played in Snapchat, it lets users turn their phone around to explore the full range of video. For example, a viewer can see one meal then turn their phone horizontal and see another two meals sitting there.

Priced at $130, Spectacles will be accessible to many food influencers in the near future. It'll be interesting to see what they come up with.