With summer right around the corner, I find myself hungry for a longtime favorite snack of mine: smoothies. Thanks to the creation of one-serving blenders, it is an absolute breeze to make one cup of smoothie on the way to class. During my spring break, I thought I would take advantage of my well-stocked kitchen at home and the nearest health foods store to brush up on my favorite smoothie recipes. Here are my top 3 smoothie recipes that you can make in less than 20 mins! 

1. Berries Galore 

berry, blueberry, sweet, bilberry, blackberry, pasture
Jocelyn Hsu

This was probably the first smoothie I was confident in making because after plenty of visits to Smoothie King, I couldn't mess up the flavor combination. Add a handful or two of frozen berry mix (Trader Joe's is my favorite!) from any grocery store freezer section, mix in a few fresh strawberries, and add two or three big spoonfuls of plain Greek yogurt. Blend until smooth. This treat could be an easy breakfast on the go or a cool treat on those hot summer days that will keep you full for a while. 

#SpoonTip: My add in's for this treat are a splash of pomegranate juice, a tablespoon of black chia seeds for fiber and an extra kick of nutrition and a handful of dried oats to keep you full. 

2. Somewhere On A Beach

pasture, nectarine, peach, apple
Dea Uy

This fruity smoothie reminds me of hot summer days spent lounging by the beach, and the peaches add a kick of tang to this refreshing treat. The recipe includes half of a banana, a handful of fresh strawberries, a handful of frozen peaches, two big spoonfuls of plain Greek yogurt, and a splash of orange juice. This kickstart to your day isn't complete without a tablespoon of black chia seeds

3. My Own Green Machine  

spinach, cabbage, salad, pasture, lettuce, vegetable
Caroline Ingalls

Something about a green smoothie packed full of leafy greens was intimidating to me when I first started making smoothies. I found this recipe on a food blog and honestly, it doesn't taste like you're drinking your greens! This smoothie has a handful or two of fresh (or frozen) strawberries, 1/2 a cup of pomegranate seeds, a handful of spinach, a splash of pomegranate juice and your choice of a banana for thickness or a few spoonfuls of plain Greek yogurt. 

#SpoonTip: This power packed breakfast alternative is full of antioxidants and super fruit goodness thanks to the pomegranate seeds! 

If you're like most college students, it can be difficult to add variety into your regular dining hall meals. Substituting a smoothie for your dessert ice cream or breakfast granola bar can be a fantastic way to introduce new foods in your diet that you don't normally consume on a daily basis. It is becoming easier and much less expensive to eat healthy if you prepare and plan ahead about what you will need for the week. I highly recommend putting a bag of frozen berries in your freezer and buying chia seeds in bulk at Whole Food's or any other grocery store that sells them. Most importantly, get creative with your flavor combinations. Don't fear the blender, friends!