While the celebrities we typically look to for tips in the kitchen are usually professional chefs, there are plenty of other famous actors/actresses, musicians, sports stars, and more who know a thing or two about making delicious food. Here are just a few examples of celebrity recipes that you can easily prepare and enjoy:

LeBron James’ Salmon:

LeBron James loves showing off his array of abilities, both on and off the court. He is currently a basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers, and was named NBA’s MVP 4 times throughout his career. Since LeBron is a professional athlete, he needs to keep a balanced diet to maintain a healthy weight and provide his body with enough energy to stay active. Before a game, LeBron says he loads up on carbohydrates to make up for the calories he loses on the court. After games, however, LeBron likes to eat foods with a high protein content, such as salmon. LeBron has since crafted a salmon recipe that features a mouthwatering honey-sriracha sauce, perfect for a post-game meal, or even just a sit-down family dinner. Even if LeBron James is not the NBA’s MVP this year, he is definitely an MVP in the kitchen with this simple, healthy, and delicious recipe for salmon that is sure to be a “slam dunk” for any occasion!

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Snoop Dogg’s Chocolate Cake:

Who could have imagined that Snoop Dogg, famous rapper, actor, singer, and record producer would go on to have his very own cookbook, as well as a show with Martha Stewart called “Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party”. When Snoop Dogg puts down his microphone and picks up his wisk, something magical happens. After you try out his recipe for chocolate cake with chocolate icing, you’ll understand why he deserves a spot in the kitchen, and you won’t have to “snoop” for another delicious chocolate cake recipe again. Plus, we have to give Snoop Dogg credit for naming this the “Go Shorty It’s Your Birthday” cake.

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Beyoncé’s Guacamole:

Singer/songwriter Beyoncé constantly leaves us asking ourselves, “what can’t Beyoncé do?”, and making delicious guacamole is apparently not one of those things. This recipe is surprisingly simple considering its creator, but just like Beyoncé herself, it leaves nothing to be desired. She recommends pairing this guacamole with corn chip scoops. Not only is this guacamole inexpensive to make, but paired with tortilla chips, it’s also a great vegan snack option. This recipe is proof that eating healthy isn’t so bad after all. So, who runs the world? Move over, girls, it’s actually guac!

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