I'm sure you all know about the vegan food epidemic that is sweeping the nation. Major cities in the US like New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles have taken vegan food to a whole new level, with creations such as the plant-based "Impossible Burger", vegan ice cream, vegan seafood, vegan eggs, and so much more. 

But here's the number one vegan food trend that you absolutely cannot negate: you may recognize it from Smorgasburg, or simply by the various news sources that have reported this incredible finding. Is it jelly? Is it water? No, it's the infamous Raindrop Cake

What Is The Raindrop Cake? 

Photo Courtesy of Darren Wong

I had the opportunity to hear directly from the creator of the Raindrop Cake, Darren Wong, who explained what exactly this enigma to the eyes is and how it is made. 

"My product is an artfully presented jelly dessert served with sweet and flavorful toppings. It is a vegetarian alternative to gelatin. Its main ingredient is agar, which is quite common among Asian cultures. Agar is vegetarian-friendly because it’s made out of seaweed, so it’s a lot healthier than gelatin. People in America are just discovering it now, and I think it taps into peoples’ desire to be more health-conscious while still enjoying sweets. Raindrop Cake could be a better version of Jell-O."

So there you have it. It's just one ingredient that gives this cake its clear aesthetic and bold flavor. But what events sparked this innovation? 

Turning A Dream Into Reality

Photo Courtesy of Darren Wong

The Raindrop cake isn't simply something that is consumed, but rather, an uplifting, inspirational story that brilliantly portrays the American Dream. 

"I grew up in LA to a family of immigrant parents. They sacrificed everything to give me and my brothers the best opportunities available to us. I always felt like I squandered it, because I didn’t become a successful doctor or lawyer," Wong says. "Instead, I worked in social media, which is one of those weird careers I was never able to adequately explain to my parents so that they’d understand. They still don’t know what I did for 10 years of my life. Not until I started Raindrop Cake do I feel like I’ve taken all the sacrifices and all of the opportunities they have given me in order to build something from the ground up."

The company Raindrop Cake began in 2016 out of Wong's apartment. He sold the delectable jelly desserts mainly at weekend food markets, and since then, has sold over 40,000 Raindrop Cakes. In the process, Wong discovered that there is a market for fun desserts that are visually unique, taste great, and also happen to be vegan. But he didn't stop there.

Wong made it accessible for the average person to create this one-of-a-kind dessert right within their own home, thanks to the Raindrop Cake Making Kit. The kit can be purchased on the Raindrop Cake website for $29, and not to mention, ships super fast as well. Darren was kind enough to send me my own kit so that I can really get a feel for the dedication and craftsmanship that goes into creating the product.

Creating the Raindrop Cake

  • Prep Time:0
  • Cook Time:2 hrs 30 mins
  • Total Time:2 hrs 30 mins
  • Servings:6
  • Medium


  • 1/2 tsp. agar
  • 1 pack dark brown sugar
  • 1 pack kinako soy
  • 6 wooden boats
  • 1 silicone mold
  • 2 1/4 cups spring water
Photo Courtesy of Darren Wong
  • Step 1

    Boil 2 cups of water in a small covered pot. Sprinkle 1/2 tsp agar in and stir. Boil until the solution looks clear.

    Avery Paulen
  • Step 2

    Remove from heat and pour into measuring cup and cool for 5-10 minutes.

    Avery Paulen
  • Step 3

    Wash and wipe your silicone mold as clean as you can to prevent sticking. Carefully pour the contents into the mold and let it sit for at least 2 hours. It can sit at room temp or in the refrigerator.

    Avery Paulen
  • Step 4

    Combine the brown sugar with 1/4 cup of water in a small saucer and stir. Heat on low/medium to a slow boil, stir often until all sugar crystals dissolve. Carefully pour syrup into heat safe cup so it's easy to pour when you're ready to plate.
    #SpoonTip: Be careful of over-boiling, the syrup will be very hot.

    Avery Paulen
  • Step 5

    Remove cake from mold by carefully pressing along the edge to free from mold, gently life out with your fingers to support it from breaking.

    Avery Paulen
  • Step 6

    Gently place the cake onto a wooden boat when you're ready to serve. Top with syrup on one side, and add 1/2 tablespoon of Kinako powder to the other side. Mix the jelly with the syrup and the Kinako to enjoy!

    Photo Courtesy of Darren Wong

While my presentation of the dessert did its beauty absolutely zero justice, the picture above that Darren sent me really captures the true authenticity and aesthetic of the culturally innovative product (and makes the perfect addition to your table for Valentine's Day). 

The Taste

Photo Courtesy of Darren Wong

For a dessert that's only 60 calories, you'd think that the Raindrop Cake would be tasteless. However, this is not necessarily true. Depending on your palate, you may say the taste is reminiscent of green tea like I did. While the organic brown sugar syrup does enhance the sweetness, I would not recommend this dessert to people with a sweet tooth who crave rich, chocolatey, oozing lava cakes or indulgent, creamy ice cream. The people that would enjoy the Raindrop Cake most are definitely the people that have simple palates and are open to exploring new things. 

Not only is this dessert fun to make, but the story behind it can inspire young entrepreneurs like Wong to turn their dreams and visions into reality. If you're interested in purchasing your own Raindrop Cake Making Kit, be sure to visit the Raindrop Cake website, and find out what ideas Darren Wong has in store next on Instagram