From lattes to cupcakes to soups, pumpkin is everything when it comes to recipes in the winter months. Pumpkin pies and PSLs (pumpkin spice lattes) are classics but tend to feel overdone. The truth is, there's a whole world of pumpkin recipes out there waiting to be discovered. Check out these five pumpkin recipes for all different moods that'll hit the spot every time!

1. When you want pumpkin for breakfast

These pumpkin pancakes from The Salty Marshmallow are fluffy and reminiscent of pumpkin pie but in pure carb form. Because the recipe uses actual pumpkin puree instead of a spice mix, the pancakes turn out extra moist and have a natural deep flavor.

#SpoonTip: Top these pancakes with chopped pecans or walnuts for a nice crunch!

2. When you're feeling a savory entrée

Not all pumpkin recipes have to be sweet. RecipeTin Eats has a fabulous recipe for coconut curry that uses pumpkin, lentils, spinach and cashews in an Indian-style curry sauce. The coconut milk makes the sauce reminiscent of Thai curries, and the pumpkin adds a hint of sweetness. With some rice, this hearty dish is a perfect warming entrée. You can even add protein like chicken or beef to make it even more filling.

#SpoonTip: If rice isn't your thing, try eating this with homemade naan!

3. When you're craving a new pumpkin dessert

Want dessert, but sick of the same old pumpkin pie? Opt for these spiced pumpkin fritters instead. The Spruce Eats has a wonderful recipe for these pumpkin drop doughnuts that are made with pumpkin purée and are deep-fried to crunchy perfection. Roll them in some cinnamon sugar and serve warm.

#SpoonTip: Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream if you're feeling extra decadent.

4. When you just want pasta

Don't let pumpkin get in the way of your pasta obsession. Pumpkin can easily be incorporated into your favorite Italian dish with this pumpkin ravioli recipe on Julia's Album. Stuffed until almost bursting with a sweet pumpkin mixture, this ravioli dish is served with a brown butter sauce and topped with chopped pecans. The recipes does call for making pasta dough from scratch, but your first bite will make all the effort worth it. 

#SpoonTip: Add sage to the brown butter sauce and instead of pecans, top the ravioli with toasted pumpkin seeds!

5. When you want a warm drink

A drink might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about pumpkin. But this vegan pumpkin hot chocolate from Running with Spoons proves pumpkin is oh-so-versatile. This recipe combines the best of two seasons (pumpkin from fall and hot chocolate from winter) into the coziest drink. It's also super simple—all you have to do is whisk the ingredients together in a saucepan for five minutes for a delicious treat.

#SpoonTip: The recipe calls for almond milk and coconut whipped cream because it's vegan, but you could easily substitute cow's milk if you want.

Now that you know pumpkin can be used to complement a variety of flavors, there's no limit to the kinds of food you can prepare with it. Next time you have pumpkin around and feel yourself reaching for pie dough, stop and make one of these delicious recipes instead.