Picnic season is here (YAY)! I love to load up my (imaginary) woven basket full of fruits, chips, treats, and, most importantly, sandwiches. I have to be picnic-ready.

I love all kinds of sandwiches, but I have some picky friends who don’t like salami or goat cheese like I do.

That’s why I’m sharing five sandwich recipes for both adventurous eaters and more cautious ones. You’ll definitely be picnic-ready this year with these recipes. 

Kenzie Trikouros

Avocado, turkey, and goat Cheese 

This is my favorite sandwich on the planet and an easy recipe to keep in your back pocket.


- ½ an avocado, sliced

- Sliced turkey breast, 2-4 slices

- Goat cheese, crumbled or sliced

- White bread

If you don’t want to use white bread, that's okay! Use anything - even a tortilla would work. I also like spicing it up by adding some mayo or lettuce.

The tangy goat cheese mixed with creamy avocado is an ideal combination. I suggest using honey-smoked turkey to add some sweetness.

My cousin introduced me to this flavor explosion of a sandwich. I thank her for that every chance I get. 

Salami, provolone, and mayo

Stay picnic-ready. Here is an easy sandwich to throw together. This classic is what I always bring to the beach.


- Salami

- Provolone

- Mayo

- White, whole wheat, or Italian bread

Sandwich ingredients can get expensive quickly. I discovered that Trader Joe’s has a pack of salami and provolone, with equal parts of both. Their creation is the perfect sandwich kit and a money saver. 


Weird acronym, great spin on the standard BLT.


- Bacon

- Lettuce

- Tomato (optional)

- Turkey

- Avocado

- Mayo

- Any bread

I love classic kitchen staples. A BLT reminds me of summer and diners. I always add avocado, and I also like to add extra mayo and extra lettuce- yum!

Toasting the bread can add crunch and help to prevent a soggy sandwich. 

Sunflower butter and strawberry jam


- Sunflower butter (peanut butter and other nut butter work)

- Strawberry jam (any fruit jam works)

- White or whole wheat bread

Out with the old, and in with the new: sunflower butter! Don’t get me wrong, I love peanut butter, but sometimes it is too sweet for me.

Sunflower butter is earthy and subtly nutty, making it the perfect pair to sweet strawberry jam.

A fun trick is to cut these sandwiches using a cup to make your own Uncrustable sandwich. I have yet to try this trick, but it is definitely on my to-do list to try.


Get your balsamic glaze picnic-ready.


- Sliced mozzarella

- Tomato OR roasted red peppers

- Basil

- Balsamic glaze

- Salami (optional)

- Italian sub roll, panini bread, wrap

This sandwich recipe is one of my favorites to order at a deli. I have strong opinions about tomatoes, so I like to use roasted red peppers instead.

Make sure you put the balsamic glaze on top of the tomatoes and the bread. Adding a little bit of mayo never hurts either.